What is the best tile saw to buy?

When you have a tile saw, you are able to cut your tiles perfectly and be able to accomplish the task without any difficulties. A tile saw is a tool that is specifically designed for cutting tiles and not to be used with other materials. As such, in this article, we will be focusing on the things to consider before buying a tile saw.

What Is The Best Tile Saw To Buy?

If you are wondering which would be the best tile saw to buy, you are in the right place. There are a couple of factors that need to be put into consideration when shopping for the saw. There are different models and brands that are on the market, and the only way that you would get the right one is by considering a number of issues, which we will discuss on this guide.

Dry Vs. Wet Tile CuttingWhat is the best tile saw to buy

As you may have realized, there are different types of saws that can be used in cutting tiles. Generally, there are two options, namely:

  1. Dry tile cutting
  2. Wet tile cutting

The method that you choose will determine the results that you will get. The main difference is the presence of water in wet tile cutting and lack of it in the dry process. For most people, wet tile cutting is the most preferred as it is safer and more efficient.

  • Wet Tile Cutting

For wet tile cutting, you will have to choose a wet tile saw. This is recommended when you have huge tile cutting jobs. You will need to have a wet tile saw so that you can achieve this. This tool is made of a blade that has tiny diamonds, which will spin at very high speeds to cut through the tile. In addition, there is a water reservoir that will keep the blade cool, while containing the dust that is generated from the process. When you have hard tiles of a large tiling job, you should go for the wet tile cutting.

  • Dry Tile Cutting

In some instances, you may not need the wet tile saws, and this the time you will use dry tile cutting. In this case, you can use tools like the tile nippers, which will score the tiles so as to make it easier to break it into two. Dry tile cutting should be used for smaller and detailed projects.

What Is A Wet Tile Saw Used For?

Essentially, with the best wet tile saw, you can be able to achieve efficient tiling. The wet tile saw is useful when you need to cut hard, thick and dense tiles. For large tiling projects, you will need to work with a wet tile saw as well. The saw is known to be effective as the water keeps the blade cool and also prevents breakage of the tiles as they are hardly any friction produced.

Why Use A Wet Saw?

You should use a wet saw for most of the tile cutting tasks. This has so many benefits as it will ensure that you do not have a lot of wastage as the tiles will not break off. You can use the wet saw to cut commercial grade floor tiles, which are hard and thick. The water keeps the blade cool and as such, there will be no cases of overheating. Ultimately, you will have a clean and neat job, irrespective of the density of the tiles.

Do I Need A Wet Saw To Cut Tile?

It is not mandatory to use a wet saw to cut tiles, but it is highly recommended. You have the option of using a hacksaw with a diamond blade, but this may not give you the best results. You may also choose to use a manual cutter or a pair of nippers for smaller jobs. However, the wet saw makes the whole process much easier and faster, giving you a good finish in your tiling project.

Factors That Should Be Considered When Buying a Tile Saw

There are a number of things to consider before buying a tile saw so as to ensure that you have the right tool. The market is flooded with so many different models and not all of them would be suitable for you. Here are the main factors to consider in your buying of a tile saw:What is the best tile saw to buy

  • Wet or Dry Saw:

As I mentioned earlier, there is an option of getting a wet or a dry tool. This will depend on the type of work that you will be engaged in. In most cases, it is best to go for the wet tile saw as it will deliver the same results as the other tools, with more accuracy and efficiency.

  • Size of the Tool:

You have to consider the size of the tile saw that you will be buying. Just like most of the other tools, tile saws come in different sizes to handle different tasks. When you establish the need that you have, it is best to pick a model that is slightly bigger than the capacity that you require. This saves you the need to buy a bigger one in the future.

  • Weight:

Do you plan to be moving your tile saw to different job sites? Then you do not want to be stuck with a tool that weighs over 100 pounds. You need to consider the type of work that you will be engaged in so as to pick the right weight of a tile saw. For mobile contractors, it would only make sense to go for a lighter model that you can move around with, easily.

  • Purpose of Use:

What will be cut with the tile saw? I know that there are so many other cutters on the market that are used for cutting different materials. However, the tile saw is a tool that is designed for specific use and as such, you should not buy it if you are looking for a tool to use for cutting different material.

  • Type of Motor:

In most cases, the best tile saw will either have a direct drive motor or a belt drive motor. Before picking the saw, you need to be sure of the type of motor that you will get. The belt drive motors seem to be a preferred option since they will protect the motors and this extends the life of the tool.

  • Features and Accessories:

While most tile saws are the same, the differentiating bit is in the features and the accessories that they have. You should pick a model that offers you more value for your money. Some of the accessories that you need to consider checking include cutting guides, blades and tile saw stands among others.

Tile Saw Buying Tips:

While there are things to consider before buying a tile saw, there also some tips that can help you in making your decision. Here are some buying tips that you should bear in mind:

  • Consider the brand that you are buying and go for renowned brands as they are known to be of great quality and durable.
  • You should have the size of the job in mind when you are shopping. You do not want to end up with a tool that is too small or too large for your job.
  • Look at the operation and functionality of the tile saw. You can go for a manual cutter, but a motorized one makes work easier for you.
  • Take a keen look at the specific reviews for each model so that you can have a glimpse of what to expect from the specific tool you choose to buy.
  • Compare a couple of models that are within the same range so as to pick the one that has the best features and serves your needs effectively.
  • Using the space available as the main factor, you will be able to pick a tool that is of the right size for storage purposes.
  • Never compromise on the quality of the saw, just so that you can pay a low price. Get the best saw for the money.
Final Recommendation

Whether you are looking for a dry tile saw or the best wet tile saw, you need to have some form of guidance. This is the only way that you would be able to make a good decision on the cutter that works for you. This is why I have shared with you the things to consider before buying a tile saw. Following this guide allows you to pick a tile saw that is suitable for your specific needs. Please feel free to talk to me, with your suggestions or queries and also be kind and share this guide with others.

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