How to Use Tile Saw and Safety Tips?

Any time that you wish to cut a tile, you need to have the best tile saw. This is one of those tools that are designed for a specific purpose and as such, you cannot purchase it to use for different cutting applications. The success of your project will depend on how well you know how to use the tile saw and in this article, I will guide you on the safe use of this tool.

What Is The Best Tile Saw To Buy?How to Use Tile Saw and Safety Tips

Finding the ideal tile saw will be influenced by a number of factors. You need to consider a number of things like the scope of work, size of the tool, weight of the saw, the blades used and so much more. These are some essential factors that would help you make the right decision and get the best saw for the money. Consider getting tools from reputable brands as well, as this will give you an assurance of top quality tools.

What Is A Wet Tile Saw Used For?

A wet tile saw is useful in so many aspects when it comes to cutting tiles. This particular tool is ideal when you need to cut thick, dense and hard tiles. Even when you need to cut delicate tiles, this would be the type of tile saw to choose. The water in the tank is essential in that it keeps the blade cool, preventing any cases of overheating. In addition, the wet tile saw will prevent any breakages and damages on the tiles, as they are no friction.

Why Use A Wet Saw?

You will find the best wet tile saw for some projects. You need to use the saw to get the right results and besides the tiles, the wet saw can be used to cut marble, granite, and glass and porcelain tiles. These are hardened tiles and if you were to cut them and achieve satisfactory results, you will need to use a wet tile saw. The type of blade in these tools is what makes the difference and the water offers a cooling effect on the blade.

Do I Need A Wet Saw to Cut Tile?

Depending on the results that you are aiming to achieve, you certainly would need to use a wet saw to cut tiles. It is true that you can use nippers or even the manual cuts, but you will not have straight lines. There are also people who recommend the use of a hacksaw with a diamond blade, but this is not as efficient as a wet saw. With a wet saw, you will have an easier task and you are guaranteed an amazing outcome and a neat job.

How to Use Tile Saw?How to Use Tile Saw?

The tile saw has so many similarities with a miter saw, with the main difference being that there is a water cooling system as well the tile saw using a diamond coated blade. Even if you have the top rated tile saw, if you do not how to use it, then you may not have the expected outcome. In addition, this is a dangerous tool and needs to be handled with some caution. It is paramount to learn the basics of using your tile saw, before attempting any cuts. Here is a guide on how you can use the saw safely:

Step 1

You need to ensure that you have a sturdy surface where you will position the tile saw. This is a tile saw and you have to establish that it is well leveled and secured before making your cuts. In most cases, it would be safer to have the saw on a table or place it on the floor. You should never operate the saw when it is wobbly and shaky as this can cause injuries and also affect the precision of the cuts.

Step 2

Since I know that you will likely be using a wet saw. You need to fill the water reservoir with water. This usually beneath the saw and if you are not sure, please refer to the manual so that you can fill the water correctly. When doing this, you should check to see that the pump is fully immersed in water.

Step 3

Place your tile on the cutting table and if you are using a fence, adjust it so that the tile is well aligned. The widest part should be left between the blade and the fence as this will ensure that your hands are far away from the blade of the saw. You should have marked lines which the blade will follow, so as to achieve utmost accuracy.

If you want to make diagonal cuts, you need to have a speed square or a miter guide between the fence and the guide. This is meant to ensure that the tile sits at a 45 degree angle to the saw’s blade. In the event that you wish to make partial cuts that are specific to a particular place, the process would be the same as making a complete cut. The only difference is that you will feed the tile only to the desired length.

Step 4

Having positioned the tile and made markings for blade lines, you can now turn on the saw. When you switch it on, you need to observe the saw and ensure that water is being sprayed correctly to the blade, before you can feed the tile.

Step 5

With everything working as required and the tile in place, it is now time to make the actual cut. You need to have a steady grip and feed your piece of tile slowly into the blade of the saw. This should be done cautiously and you should not at any point force it through. You need to move it naturally and allow the blade to do the cutting without applying any pressure. When getting to the edges of the tile, you need to be more careful as this is when most breakages will happen.

Step 6

When you finish the cut, it is time to remove the tile and turn off the saw. You need to be careful when pulling out the tiles so as not to be injured and damage the tiles. When this is done, turn off the saw and prepare the next tile, before engaging the saw again.

You should always check the water tank and ensure that it has adequate water. Operating the tile saw without water is really dangerous as the blade will overheat the tiles and cause the tiles to break. This will also damage the blade and there will be a whole lot of dust that is generated in the cutting process, without water. The edges of ceramic tiles tend to be quite sharp once they are cut and as such, you need to handle them with extra caution.

Safety Tips

As I have already informed you, even when you have the best wet tile saw and not use it safely, the end result could be disastrous. To avoid injuries to yourself and damage to the saw, you need to observe some safety measures. While this is an amazing tool that can deliver exceptional results, it is also quite dangerous and as such, you cannot afford to use it casually. Here are some safety tips that I have put together to help you in this regard:Tile saw Safety Tips

  • Go through the owners’ manual before attempting to use the tile saw so that you can learn how to operate it from the manufacturer’s point of view.
  • The tile saw needs to be positioned on a leveled ground, which is secure so as to prevent any wobbling or movement during the process of cutting.
  • Always ensure that the water reservoir is filled up with water and the pump is submerged, before starting the saw.
  • The blades should always be sharp so that you can be able to make cuts with ease. Blunt blades are dangerous as they can cause breakages and even cause injuries.
  • You need to test the tile saw to see if the water pump is spraying the blade, before engaging the tile to the blade.
  • Keep your hands at a safe distance from the blade so as to avoid an accident that may cause you to lose your fingers.
  • The edges of cut tiles are really sharp and can easily injure you and as such, you need to wear safety gloves, when handling the tiles.
  • Using the relevant accessories like fences and guides are advisable as this will ensure that you have the best results.
  • Ensure that you have checked all the features and parts of the saw to confirm that they are working properly.
  • When you need to cut tiles, you need to start the saw and allow the blade to run freely before you can feed the tile through.
  • Never force the tile through the blade as this will cause breakages on the tile and even damage the blade. You should feed it a slow rate and allow the blade to do the cutting naturally.
  • Be sure that you have the right blade for each task that you will be handling.
Final Recommendation

You can achieve so much when you have a tile saw. However, it takes more than just owning the tool to get the desired results. Learning how to use the tool is one of the most important things that you need to pay keen attention to. You will need to take the instructions that the manufacturers have provided quite seriously. You should never attempt to do anything that may comprise your safety.

With the best tile saw, there is so much that you can achieve, by following this guide. Please note that this is a general guide and some things may differ, depending on the model of the tile saw that you have. If you have any suggestions or queries, I will be happy to hear from you. Take some time to share this guide with your friends and loved ones to ensure that they are safe when working with a tile saw.

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