How to turn your planer blade into a blunt knife?

Whenever you are going to work under the belt of expertise, you need to keep your planer blade as sharp as possible. Like every successful project with woodwork, there is a blunt knife. Besides, it will give you comfort and make the work fast while working with a blunt knife. 

ryobi ap10-planer-blade

Normally, planer blades has two parts the back part and the bevel which is short. The back part is quite flat of any planer knives. The sharpening task is with the two part, the bevel and the back. If these two parts are accurately sharpen that they need to be then you will have smoother and flatter blade. Here in this article you are going to show you how you can make this so let’s begin

Preparation Period:

  • You need to do some certain things before you will begin, and they are:
  • Unplug your tool with the power
  • Keep in mind your safety is the first concern so don’t underestimate the old blades as still it can harm you 
  • The blade would be narrower whenever you will remove the material from the back of the knives, therefore do not try to remove the blade bolts and cutter to a great extent
  • Make sure that you have done enough precaution to make the blade secured. For that, carefully read that we are going to provide you. 

How to sharpen planer knives/blades

Sharpening you planer knife is easy however you need to go through our instruction and follow that easy tricks. Once you have placed the honing guide over the flat and smooth surface make sure you hold the knife and insert it securely into the bevel and place it with proper adjustment. You need to adjust it in a certain way whereas the bevel will connect with its surface. 

Remember that the lower the angle would be the sharper the blade will be, and hence the edges could be less sustainable. The ideal angle is A30 so make sure that angle and adjust with it. There are a few blades companies out there which can really give you a great ease as it barely comes to lose its sharpness. Among many of the blades we recommend you Ryobi AP10 planer blades

On the other hand, the honing guide task is to hold the blade in such an angle  during the sharpening process. You can use the setup jig around the honing guide and for that you can be assured with the proper setting of the planer blade. Besides, the distance would be the same for that. Also, check out the blade whether it is held tightly around the setup jig or not. If you can find it a little bit loose then make it tight using a screwdriver. 

Flattening the back

We have already told you about the two parts and the back is one of them. The flattening task is an important thing that you need to ensure. Hence, you can begin with the coarse grit afterwards, you can go ahead with the fining the grits. Keep in mind that, it would be 1-inch closer to the edge, moreover you will still need to make sure that you are applying a great downward pressure around the planer blade in order to make it completely flat. 

Sharpening the Bevel

Now time comes up to take your planer blade along with the honing guide and then rub the bevel around the coarsest grit. On the other hand, ensure that you have covered the bevel. And, now use the magnifying glass and see how far you have gone. While you have finished with the coarse grit then you can go ahead to the medium grit. 

Last but not least, make sure that you will repeat the process once again with the honing guide and the fine grit. Afterward, test the planer blade on any wooden place and see how sharp it becomes. If you can see the blade is sharp up to the mark then you will see the absolute win in the game as it can able to eliminate a little pieces of wood and make the surface smooth. 

Sharpening one’s planer blade is a normal process that everyone needs to do that after a certain  period of time. If you can not fit them properly then we are afraid you will facing a very hard time while doing woodwork. Try to ensure the two most important tas according to our instruction that is flattening the back and the sharpening the bevel.

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