Best Wet Tile Saw Reviews and Buyer Guide for 2022

Best Wet Tile Saw If you have some tiling work to do, you will need to find the best wet tile saw. This is the only way that you will be able to do this task properly. However, for most people, it is such a difficult task to be able to pick the right saw.

This is mainly due to the fact that there are tons of models on the market, which can be quite confusing. It is worth mentioning that the tile saw is meant for a specific purpose, which is to cut tile in a particular manner. If you want accurate and neat tile cuts, you should use a tile saw.

The tile saw is not like the ordinary saw that is designed for cutting wood and metal. This comes with a blade edge that is not too sharp. Instead, it is coated with diamonds and this will help in grinding the tiles away.

The truth of the matter is that you cannot cut the tile using any other tool if you want to have a proper cut. As indicated, you will actually be grinding the tile and not really cutting it, as such, it makes it hard to use any other tool. With all the different options to choose from, this guide will help you pick the best wet saw.

Why Wet Tile Saw and Its Benefit?

The wet tile saw is unique as it uses water to cool the grinding action. This also prevents any cracking or breaking of the tiles and as such, at the end of it all, you will have very neat and smooth cuts on the tiles. You will get a whole range of benefits in your tiling projects when you have the right wet tile saw.


As mentioned earlier, you will get so many benefits when you have the right tile saw. This makes the process of tiling so much easier. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, when you have a wet saw, you should have a number of advantages, including:

  • It is easy to use and portable, as such, you will be able to move it around to the job site.
  • The fact that it utilizes water, you will have minimal or no tile breakages and cracks, thereby reducing wastage.
  • The use of water is also another advantage in that it contains the dust that may be generated from the grinding process.
  • This is a safe tool to use as the blade has no teeth and it not sharp. It comes with a diamond blade, which significantly reduces any chances of accidents caused by sharp blades.
  • The tool usually has a sliding table and as such, you will be able to secure the ceramic tiles in a rigid position so as to make accurate cuts.

Best Wet Tile Saw Reviews in 2022

The process of shopping and finding the best wet tile saw can be quite demanding. However, you do not have to go through all that hassle.

I have done all the groundwork for you and tested a couple of models and narrowed them down to the best choices on the market. Here are wet tile saw reviews that will help you in your purchasing decision for a tile saw.

1. DEWALT Wet Tile Saw – D24000S Heavy-Duty 10-inch with Stand

DEWALT Wet Tile Saw - D24000S Heavy-Duty 10-inch with Stand

The DEWALT D24000S is a wet tile saw that weighs 69 pounds. As such, you will have an easy time setting it up and transporting it, alone, without any help from another person. This is a 10 inch saw that is designed for heavy-duty tasks and will deliver precise cuts for your tiles.

This model comes with a stainless steel rail system that is properly integrated into the frame of the saw. As such, you can be sure of accurate cuts on the tile for different projects.

DEWALT D24000S Wet Tile Saw Features

  • The DEWALT D24000S comes with a cutting cart that will make the process of making different cuts, with the saw much easier.
  • There are two adjustable nozzles that will allow you to set the water to the optimal level, depending on the task at hand, so as to reduce over-spray.
  • This is a light model, which weighs 69 pounds and as such, you just need one person to set up and transport it.
  • The cutting capacity of the DEWALT D24000S tile saw is 25-inch rip cuts or 28 inches, with a plunge. You can also make 18 x 18-inch diagonal cuts.
  • There is a 22.5 and 45-degree miter feature that allows you to make quick angled cuts.

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There are water attachments on the rear and sides of the saw. As such, you will be able to spray the water on the workpiece, allowing you to make the wet cutting. This model comes with a stand that is stable enough to support the saw.

In addition, this stand will fold over for easier storage and transportation and this stand will give you an ideal working space. Generally, the DEWALT D24000S is light, yet powerful and a good model to have as it will take minimal time to set up and start using.

The motor of the saw will tilt and lock at 22 ½ and 45 degrees, thereby allowing you to make smooth cuts that are neat. The adjustable rollers will help to align the table and the saw, as part of the process of ensuring that the cuts are accurate.

There two water nozzles are adjustable and this will keep the blade cool, throughout the grinding action. With a depth cut of 3 1/8 inches, you will have the option of cutting most of the pavers and V-caps, with this saw.

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2. SKIL Wet Tile Saw 3550-02 7-Inch with HydroLock Water Containment System

SKIL Wet Tile Saw 3550-02 7-Inch with HydroLock Water Containment System

The SKIL 3550-02 is a 7-inch wet tile saw that useful in many ways. Whether you need to tile your bathroom or have a large renovation project, this is a suitable saw for both DIYers and professionals. The innovative HydroLock system will keep the water splash to a minimum level.

As such, you will have a dry working surface, while the tiles are watered for proper grinding action. This is a tool that will allow you to finish the project pretty fast and you can install tiles on a large area in a short while.

SKIL 3550-02 Wet Tile Saw Features

  • The SKIL 3550-02 comes with an aluminum tabletop that is rust-resistant and quite durable.
  • The HydroLock water containment system is an innovative feature that will ensure that the water is retained near the blade and there is the minimal splashing of the water.
  • You can make bevel cuts on the tiles at 0, 22.5 and 45 degrees, which makes the tile cutter saw to be versatile as you will be able to make different cuts.
  • The SKIL 3550-02 comes with a sliding side extension, which will provide adequate support for tiles that are up to 18 by 18 inches.
  • The adjustable rip fence and a miter gauge are also included and as such, you will be able to make a miter and straight cuts.

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The SKIL 3550-02 has a 7-inch diamond blade with a continuous rim and this will provide an even cutting that is efficient. In addition to this, it has an aluminum tabletop, with a sliding extension that will be used to support tiles that are up to 18 by 18 inches.

The table is durable and resistant to rust, making it a worthwhile investment. The HydroLock system comes with an upper and lower guard and this is what makes it efficient in containing the water near the blade. This means that once you are done with the tiling, you will have very little clean-up to do.

You can be sure of clean accurate cuts as there is an adjustable rip fence that has a miter gauge. This will allow you to even make miter cuts that are straight and precise. With the table being able to tilt, you can make bevel cuts at 0, 22 ½ and 45 degrees, with the SKIL 3550-02 tile saw.

This gives you the much-needed flexibility to be able to make different types of cuts. If you are looking for the best-wet tile saw to deliver great results, then this is a model that is worth considering.

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3. PORTER-CABLE Wet Tile Saw PCE980 


The PORTER-CABLE PCE980 is the best wet tile saw as it brings a wide range of innovative features. This makes it a convenient tool for both professionals and hobbyists.

The compact design and its lightweight model are some of the things that make most people go for this tile saw.

This is also a saw that is known to deliver professional power, accuracy, and cutting capacity. There cutting cart is made of cast metal and as such, you will get the best cutting performance, with the tile saw. This is an exceptional tile saw that does not disappoint the uses.


  • The PORTER-CABLE PCE980 comes with a splash guard that will ensure that the water is not sprayed to other parts, besides the designated areas.
  • There is an onboard miter square that will help you in making miter cuts as well as repeatable rip cuts.
  • The drain plug on this tile saw is designed in such a manner that it helps you to drain the water in a bucket, pretty fast, without spillage.
  • The roll cage on the PORTER-CABLE PCE980 is designed to protect the cutting cart and facilitate safe storage.
  • The fixed deck is made of stainless steel and as such, this will be able to withstand and water or work site abuse.

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The 7 inch table top tile saw has a power 1.0 horsepower motor and this is enough to be able to cut materials like ceramic, porcelain, and stone tiles. The cutting cart offers up to 17 inches, cutting capacity and will allow you to make cuts on tiles that measure up to 12 x 12, for diagonal cuts.

While doing this, you will get an accuracy of 1/16 inches. If you are running repeat cuts, then you will be grateful that there is an onboard miter square that ensures the repeatable cuts are accurate and consistent.

The roll cage is included on the PORTER-CABLE PCE980 to make it easier for you to carry and even protect the cutting cart. The splash guard is an essential feature that ensures that water is only sprayed to the blade and not the users.

The stainless steel fixed deck will be able to hold up to any form of jobsite or water abuse. There is a drain plug that has been incorporated and this will help to drain the water, fast, without creating a mess. The blade wrench will be included and this facilitates faster blade changes.

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4. QEP Wet Tile Saw – 22650Q 650XT 3/4 HP 120-volt Tile Saw

QEP Wet Tile Saw - 22650Q 650XT 3/4 HP 120-volt Tile Saw

A good tile saw should be efficient and make it easier to cut tiles. The QEP 22650Q is one of the best models that you will find on the market. This is specially designed to provide quality wet cutting of porcelain and ceramic tile as well as natural stone.

This is a powerful model as it comes with a motor that has 0.75 horsepower, which has the capacity to generate up to 3,600 rotations per minute. This is the power that makes it possible for the saw to cut through different types of materials including granite and marble.

QEP 22650Q 650XT Features

  • The QEP 22650Q tile saw has a powerful motor with ¾ horsepower and delivers up to 3,600 rotations per minute to power up the saw for the most demanding tasks.
  • This model comes with a steel table and frame that has rubber foot pads, which will enhance the stability of the tool, during the grinding action.
  • The flat table design is convenient as it will allow you to make the rip and diagonal cuts, as the table tilts to 22 ½ and 45 degrees.
  • There is a water reservoir and recirculation system, which make the QEP 22650Q be the best wet tile saw as the work surfaces remain dry and the water is used over and over, saving you water bills.
  • This model comes with a 7-inch continuous diamond blade that facilitates cuts of depths of up to 1.25 inches.

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The main advantage of the QEP 22650Q is the fact that it is made of a steel frame which makes it durable. The table is also fitted with some rubber foot pads and as such, this will increase stability and enhance the accuracy of the cuts that are made.

There are rip cutting and angle guides on this tool, which makes it possible to make accurate repeat cuts. The water reservoir and recirculation system on this tile saw make it convenient to use the saw, as the work area will be dry and it also saves water usage.

There is a 7 inch continuous diamond blade that is well-positioned and this will allow you to make cuts of up to 1 ¼ inches deep. The table will tilt to 22 ½ degrees and 45 degrees, to make it easier for diagonal cuts. The quality features of the QEP 22650Q tile saw make it an effective tool for tile grinding.

Even when you have very thick and tough applications, the power that the saw has is adequate to handle such tasks and you can be sure that your tiles will not break or crack in the process. This is a great tool to have as it ensures that you have accurate cuts.

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Things That Should Be Considered When Buying a Wet Tile Saw

If you have attempted to shop for a wet saw, you will realize that there so many options on the market and this can be quite a challenge.

Mostly, because most of the tools appear to be the same, making it hard to pick one. However, there are some tips that should be put into considerations when it comes to the choice of the best wet tile saw. Here are some of the things that you need to consider when shopping for a wet saw:Best Wet Tile Saw

Table or Handheld Tile Saw:

When it comes to buying a tile saw, you will have the option of picking a handheld model or a table tile saw. This will be determined by the specific type of project that you want to undertake. The handheld saws are smaller and portable, due to their compact design. These are ideal for smaller projects.

However, if you have large projects and industrial tiling works, then you should go for the table models, as they have greater power and more stability. The table tile saws are quite heavy and as such, should be used in a stationary work station.

Power Capacity

When you talk about the power of the motor, this refers to the motor power. The motor is fully responsible for running the tile saw and as such, you need to ensure that your motor has the adequate horsepower to help you make fast and accurate cuts.

The more the power, the more heavy duty tasks will be able to handle. It is worth noting that the handheld saws have less power than the table tile saws. Again, you will need to pick the power, depending on the tasks that you have.

Overload Protection

This is another feature that you should take into consideration. This will protect your saw and prevent thermal overload. As such, the motor will be protected from overheating or burning out. For instance, if you are using a direct-drive motor for tough applications, this will be a valuable feature. While most tile saws will have this feature, by default, it is imperative to check and ensure that it is available before buying.

Source of Water

The source of water is another factor to consider for the wet tile saw. Remember that this is a model that fully relies on water to perform its function properly. There are models that are designed to pick water from water storage and others will have a continuous water source.

There are even modern models that have water recirculation and this is quite economical as the same water will be used over and over, thereby saving up on your water bills.


Finally, you will need also to pay attention to the blade of your tile saw. You need to find saws that have diamond blades, as these are ideal for the wet cutting tasks. In addition, the size of the blade is also an essential consideration.

The size of the blade is influenced by the type of cuts that you intend to make. The larger blades will provide a deeper cutting functionality. The common blade sizes are 4.5 inches, 7 inches and 10 inches and have a maximum diameter of 27 inches.

If you are looking for more information about How to Choose the Right tile Saw go here right away.

10 Safety Tips When Using a Wet Tile Saw

The wet tile saw is a great tool to have in your possession. However, it is also quite dangerous and without proper use, you may end up with serious injuries. When using the best wet tile saw, you need to take some precaution,s and here are some safety tips that I have shared with you.

  • Before attempting to make any cuts with the wet tile saw, you need to go through the owner’s manual and ensure that you follow the instructions religiously.
  • Ensure that you have enough water as this will keep the tile cools and also reduce the dust from the grinding action. It is advisable to use clean water, as it makes the process more efficient.
  • The blade should be sharp to the required level as this will be a certain way to ensure that you make cuts that are clean and free of a chip. A dull blade will likely cause cracks in your tiles.
  • Have hand gloves that will be used to protect your hands and even enhance the grip of the saw or the tiles that are being cut.
  • You should never force the tile to go through the wet saw, as this can cause serious injuries when the tile breaks or chips. The feed rate should be slow, with a gentle push.
  • In order to make accurate cuts, you need to use the provided guides and make the markings. This helps you to follow the cut line.
  • Ear protection and safety goggles should be part of the protective wear that you need to have. This will protect your ears from noise and ensure that the chips are not flying to your eyes.
  • When making the cuts, with a wet saw, make sure that you have the right blade, in terms of the size and the type.
  • Before placing the tile against the blade, you need to ensure that the saw is turned on and the blade is running freely.
  • Once you have completed the cut, you should dry off the tile so that you can do any touch ups.

For more in-depth information about tile saw safety guide I highly recommend this article –

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the wet tile saw blade work with a circular saw or a miter saw?Best Wet Tile Saw reviews

A: The tile saw blade is specially designed to work with tile saws only. This will not work with the miter saws or the circular saws as these do not have the ability to use water to keep cool so as to prevent cracking or breaking of the tiles.

Q: Can I cut glass with my wet tile saw?

A: While it is possible to cut a number of applications with the wet tile saw, you will need to find the right blade for each task. If you want to cut glass, there are diamond blades that will cut glass.

Q: Which are the best brands for tile saws?

A: There are a number of models that make a number of wet tile saws and are known to have a good reputation. Some of the recommended brands include DEWALT, SKIL, QEP, Makita, Hitachi and Power Cable among others. You will choose one that serves your needs.

Q: Does the tile saw come with a protractor?

A: This will vary, depending on the model that you choose. However, a good number of wet tile table saws comes with a 45 and 90-degree gauge that you can use to make measurements for the cuts to be made.

Q: How can I buy the best budget wet tile saw?

A: There are a number of things that will determine the type of saw that you will buy. You need to look at the features, cutting capacity, power as well as the type of blades that it supports. You can easily find a budget tile saw that will serve your needs.

Final Recommendation

Tiling projects are quite detailed and require some level of proficiency. The only way that you can be sure that you are on the right footing for tile installation, is by having the best wet saw. This will ensure that you can make even diagonal cuts and at the end of it all, you will have a neat project.

The wet tile saws use water to cool the blade and this will prevent any breakage or chipping of the tiles. In addition, the water will keep the dust down and give you a conducive work environment.

All the models of the tile saws that I have discussed in this guide are unique and amazing in their own ways. However, I would highly recommend the DEWALT D24000S Heavy-Duty 10-inch Wet Tile Saw with Stand.

This comes with a stand and is ideal for all manner of tiling projects. I know this guide will be of great help for people who need the best wet tile saw and as such, you can help them by sharing it around.

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