Top 5 Best Table Saw Under 300 Dollars Reviews In 2020

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Best Table Saw Under 300 DollarsAre you looking for a good table saw that is not really expensive? Then you have come to the right place as I will help you find the best table saw under 300. I know that there are many people who have been made to believe that the top rated saws have to be expensive, but this should not be the case. You can actually find the best budget saw to take your woodworking career to a whole new level.

I have seemed so many different models on the market and each manufacturer claims to be the best. However, some are really expensive and this why I thought it wise to present you with the reviews that will help you in your decision. At the end of this guide, you will be able to find the budget model.

Best Table Saw Under 300 Dollars Reviews

There are models and new brands that are being introduced into the market. This may make it quite a daunting task to find the quality saw. Fortunately, I have made this easier for you and have picked some of the top models to help you find the best table saw under 300 dollars. Here are some professional  reviews that I have put together:

PictureProduct NameIncheMotorPrice
DEWALT DW745 10 Inch Compact Job Site Table Saw DEWALT DW745 10 Inch Compact Job Site Table Saw 10 Inch 15 Amp Check Price
SKIL 3410-02 10 Inch Table Saw SKIL 3410-02 10 Inch Table Saw 10 Inch 15 Amp Check Price
MJ10250VIII Table Saw Jiangsu Jinfeida Power Tools MJ10250VIII Table Saw 10 Inch 15 Amp Check Price
Ridgid R4516 10 in. Portable Jobsite Table Saw Ridgid R4516 10 in. Portable Jobsite Table Saw 10 Inch 15 Amp Check Price

DEWALT DW745 10 Inch Compact Job Site Table Saw

best table saw under 300If you are looking for a job site saw, then the DEWALT DW745 would be the ideal model. This tool comes with versatile features and it is truly portable. It comes loaded with a number of accessories that are needed for making different cuts and rip cutting. Some of the key accessories that you will get include miter gauge, blade guard, push stick and 10 inches 24 tooth carbide blade among others. The beauty of this model is the fact that it quite powerful and as such, it is the high rated saw.

The 15 amp motor on the DEWALT 745 contributes to the incredible power that the table has. This gives it maximum power and optimum torque and as such, you can use it for continuous cutting processes. The motor spins at 3,850 rotations per minute and as such, you can rely on it for tough applications. When using this table saw, you will enjoy a wide range of benefits and as such, it is a worthwhile investment. Whether you are the professional woodworker or a DIY type of person, you can make use of it and be sure of clean and accurate cuts.

This DEWALT 10 has a 2 ½ inches dust collection unit. This can be connected to a vacuum cleaner to extract the debris that has been collected. It has a rip capacity of 20 inches and as such, you can make use of it to make a wide range of cuts. The process of adjusting the fence is pretty easy as it uses rack and pinion fence mechanisms. Another incredible feature that is worth mentioning is the site pro modular guarding system that facilitates the easy setup and adjustment. While it comes with a steel roll cage for protection, it is quite light as it weighs only 45 pounds.

Dewalt 10 inch Compact Saw Core Features:

  • The DEWALT DW745 comes with a lightweight of 45 pounds, which makes it easy to carry and move around with to different job sites.
  • The tool-free adjustment is a big plus as you can easily set it up without using any tools.
  • The DEWALT 745 table saw has a 20 inch rip capacity, which is supported by the powerful 15 amp motor, giving you consistent and accurate cuts at all times,
  • The site pro modular guard system as well as the rack and pinion fence system are the key features that give you accurate cuts, without compromising on your safety.
  • The steel cage roll will protect the DEWALT 10 saw and it also comes with a lock mechanism to secure it to the stand.

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SKIL 3410-02 10 Inch Table Saw with Folding Stand

best table saw for the money SKIL 3410 02 comes as the best rated saw as it comes with a folding stand that enhances its functionality. The folding legs will make it easier to store it and even transport it from one place to another. It weighs 67 pounds, which is quite light, making it easy to carry it around. Pieces of stock that are 3 ½ inches deep can be cut with this tool. There is a self-aligning rip fence and as such, you will not need to make alignments. It can move from 2 to 47 degrees, giving you a wide range of cuts.

When the Skil 10 inch is in use, it can go all the way to 5000 rotations per minute. The legs of the table will extend the working surface and also give you more stability. As such, the table will not shake when you are making cuts and this is one sure way to achieve accurate cuts. The table uses 10 inch blades that can cut through various applications and this grants you the precision you need for your cuts. It is made of die cast aluminum and this is the guarantee of longevity and the strength you need for this best table saw for home use.

The EZ view measurement features on the most reviews since it will grant you accurate cuts. There is a 15 amp motor that is powerful and even when you need to cut through tough applications without the machine overheating. For those who are into DIY projects, then this is would be the best table saw under $300 to choose as it is easy to set up and use. It is strong enough to last for a long time and handle various cutting applications without compromising on the quality of the cuts.

Skil 10 inch Table Saw Core Features

  • The SKIL 3410 02  is made of die cast aluminum and as such, it is strong enough and durable.
  • This is a model has a heavy duty with folding legs and as such it is convenient even when you have limited space as you can fold it up.
  • Most reviews highlight the fact that it can extend to 20 by 32 inches and as such, you can be able to handle large stock conveniently.
  • The EZ view measurement system is an assurance of precise cuts as the table saw have accurate settings.
  • The rip fence system on the Skil 10 inch aligns itself and as such, you need not worry about making adjustments to get accurate cuts.

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Jiangsu Jinfeida Power Tools MJ10250VIII Table Saw with Laser

best table saw under 300 dollarsIf you are looking for a tool that is advanced in technology, then this master mechanic is one of the best. Besides having all the necessary features, it has laser technology to enhance the precision of the cuts that are being made. The industrial design allows you to make use of it for various applications. You can tilt the blade up to 45 degrees and your cuts can go as down to 90 degrees.

The 15 amp motor has speeds of up to 4800 RPM, which is quite powerful and will give it the power that it needs to cut through your stock. The master mechanic 10 saw has a compact design and the appearance is quite sleek. This is the best table saw for home use as it is easy to set up and does not take up too much space. The aluminum table top provides an excellent working surface and does not cause eye fatigue. The stand is also compact and this will make it easier when you need to store the table.

The Jiangsu Jinfeida Power Tools saw comes with 3 extension tables and a practical guard system. You can use the 10 inches 40 tooth carbide tipped blade, which will make it possible to rip through various applications. As far accuracy goes, there is an Easy View Measuring system on that will ensure that all the settings and adjustments are precise to guarantee accurate cuts. The rip fence has a double sided quick release mechanism, which is an additional feature to enhance the functionality of this tool.

MJ10250VIII 10 Inch Saw Core Features:

  • The Jiangsu Jinfeida Power Tools is a unique tool as it uses laser technology to be able to deliver accurate cuts.
  • The 15 amp motor has speeds of 4,800 rotations per minute which is a certain assurance of maximum torque and optimal power to cut through different applications.
  • The Master mechanic table saw allows you to tilt the blade to 45 degrees and the cuts can go to a depth of 90 degrees.
  • The other interesting feature to look out for is the double side quick release rip fence. This will align the saw and ensure you achieve clean cuts.
  • The master mechanic 10 saw also comes with Easy View Measurement system that will give you accurate settings, allowing you to make quality cuts.

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Ridgid R4516 10 in. Portable Jobsite Table Saw

best table saw for home use The Ridgid portable tool is one that has come to be loved by many people, especially home users. This is a job site saw that is truly mobile and as such, you can be able to move with it from one point to another. The ease of use is another advantage of this model as it takes a few minutes to assemble and align it to make your cuts. It has a compact design and since it can be dismantled easily, it is convenient for those who have small workshops.

The Ridgid table saw R4516 comes with a hand wheel that is conveniently located on the front part. This is specifically designed to help in the adjustment of the blade to your desired height. It comes with a sight barrier system that will help you in focusing on the blade and this will ensure that the cutting process happens accurately and without any accidents. This is an affordable option and has all the essential features to ensure that you are getting accurate and quality cuts on all your stock. This is by far, the best portable tool and will be worth considering.

There is a retractable handle on this job site saw that can easily be pushed away when you need to create some more space. You will remove it from your way such that it will not trip you. When you need to activate the blade into action, there is a knob that is strategically placed. This is a tool that you can be assured of making high-quality cuts.

Portable Jobsite Saw Core Features:

  • There is a hand wheel on the Ridgid portable model saw on the front part and this is used for purposes of making blade adjustments.
  • The reason why this ranks as the best portable table saw is the fact that it also comes with a knob to adjust the height of the blade.
  • It comes with a great fence system that will be able to give you accurate cuts and the fact that it is only 63 pounds, it is truly portable.
  • The site barrier on the Ridgid R4516 is a great feature that will ensure that you are making accurate cuts and guarantee your safety.
  • The compact design of the job site saw and the fact that you can pull down the parts is quite convenient.

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Things to Consider when Buying a quality Table Saw

When searching for the high quality saw under 300, there are other factors that you should also consider. There is so many best rated tools and as such, you will need some form of the guide so that you can pick the ideal one. With these few pointers, you should be to pick the best table saw for the money:

Space AvailableBest Table Saw for the Money

If you need the best saw for home use, you need to ensure that you have adequate space. However, there are various models that have a compact design that will be convenient for limited spaces. However, you need to be sure of the typical tasks that you need to be handling with the saw.

Cutting and Motor Power

In this case, you will be checking the power that the motor has so that you can pick the applications that the saw under 300 dollars will handle. Check the cutting power and the rip capacity of the tool.

Ease of Use

The best value model is one that can be used without complication. You need to check some of the saw reviews so that you can get a glimpse of what to expect from it. Find one that is loaded with a number of features that will enhance your safety when you are working.


Have a clear budget for the quality saw. You need to be clear on the amount of money that you wish to spend on the purchase. This is one of the options that you can use to eliminate the models that you do not need. The other important aspect is the warranty, which will be an indicator of the quality of the table saw.

Safety Features

The best rated table saw is one that will have safety features. You need to be keen on the safety features that it has so as not to compromise your safety when looking for quality cuts.

If you are looking for more information about how to Choosing the Perfect Table Saw go here right away.

Table Saw Safety Guidelines:

The best saw under 300 dollars comes with so many benefits and advantages. However, you should note that this is a powerful tool and if not operated in the right manner, it can cause serious injuries. You need to check the manual of the best budget model to avoid any unnecessary risks. Here are some safety tips that will be of great use to you:woodworking saw safety tips

  1. Always have safety clothing when operating the tool like earplugs, goggles and gloves. It is also advisable to shun loose clothing and accessories that can easily be caught by the saw.
  2. Do not feed the stock when the blade is not at full spinning speed. This is risky and as such, you should allow the blade of the saw for home use to spin to maximum speed before engaging the stock.
  3. In the event that you have to make any adjustments on the table saw, ensure that the blade is not spinning and has come to a complete stop. Once the blade has stopped, unplug the saw from the power. This is meant to prevent turning it on accidentally when making adjustments. This could end up causing very serious injuries as your hand could get caught up by the blade.
  4. Before starting the tool, check all the safety features and ensure that they are functional. These safety features are meant to protect you when working and as such, it is paramount to ensure that all these features are working to prevent any accidents.
  5. Inspect all the pieces of wood that you need to cut. Remove any foreign objects that may cause kickback issues when they come into contact with the blade.
  6. Keep a good posture and body balance when operating the tool. One thing that you should avoid is standing in front when making cuts. In the event of a kickback, the stock can end up hurting you. Always ensure that you have enough space to operate it.
  7. When guiding the stock, use the right accessories so as to prevent an accident. When making cuts on very thin and narrow boards, you need to use push devices so as not to hurt your fingers.

For more in-depth information about table saw safety guide I highly recommend this article –

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Should the drive motor be lubricated?Woodworking saw related Frequently Asked Questions

A: You will not need to lubricate the drive motor on your saw. This is due to the fact that most models are usually lubricated from the factory. If you need to lubricate pivot points, use dry lubricants.

Q: What height should I set the blade?

A: The recommended height of the blade is 1/8 inches from the cutting surface. However, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s directions on the blade height.

Q: What is the purpose of anti-kickback?

A: Anti-kickback is a safety feature that will prevent cases of kickback on the top rated table saws. Kickback happens when the wood is caught in between the blade and the fence and it is forced up the table.

Q: When can I use a saw stand?

A: Use a stand to get stability and a firm working surface.

Q: What blade works best with the saw I have?

A: Since models differ, confirm with the manufacturer the best blade to use with your tool.

Final Recommendation:

There you have it, as you can see you can easily get the best budget saw. You do not need a lot of money to invest in a good tool. From the models reviewed above, I recommend the DEWALT DW745 10-Inch Compact Job Site as the best table saw under 300. This is a great model that has all the features found on high-end saws. If this guide is useful, please leave a comment and share it with your circles to help them get the best model for the money.

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