Best Reciprocating Saw Blades Reviews And Buying Guide

Best Reciprocating Saw BladesIf you always work on construction sites or continually carry out demolition jobs, the best reciprocating saw blades are indispensable to you. A reciprocating saw blade makes the cutting job smooth and accurate. It is like a machine-powered cutter that operates through a push and pulls motion of your blade.

Reciprocating saw blade looks like a jigsaw with a corresponding footrest that counters the push motion of the blade.  Without this reciprocating motion, you cannot do the job. This ease of operation makes it a necessity to get the Best Reciprocating Saw Blades out of the available ones since not all can do function well.

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Types of Saw Blades:

There are many different types of saw blades available today. The teeth of most of those blades come from either carbide or tool steel. They are as follows;

The Band Saw Blade

This type of saw blade has a long band which is welded in a circle form. The teeth are on one side, and it has a thin design. This type does not produce much waste due to the thin design, and its heat dissipation is better thanks to the long length.

You can use the Band saw blade to make Crosscuts which is a right angle cut to the direction of your workpiece. It can also produce Rip cuts which are a parallel cut in the direction of your workpiece.

Plytooth Saw Blade

The plytooth saw blade has a circular design and several small teeth. It specializes in cutting plywood with little splintering.

The Dado Saw blade

This blade is another unique type of saw blade which you can use to cut wide-grooves in the wood or workpiece. This expanded grooved cut will enable the wood edge of another piece to fit into it and form a joint. You can even use this Dado saw blade to cut different width grooves if it is adjusted accordingly.

The Strobe Saw Blade

Strobe is another saw blade that has a circular design, but the difference with this type is the unique cutters. Due to these unique cutters, you can cut through any untreated wood or green that jams other types of saw blades.

Best Reciprocating Saw Blades To Buy In 2018

After thorough research, we have compiled for the benefits of our clients a list of the Best Reciprocating Saw Blades for this 2018. They are sub-divided into two different groups which are the Metal cutting blades and the Wood cutting blades. Below are the best which has been tested and proven;

Best metal cutting reciprocating saw blades Reviews:

Freud DS0014S Nail-Embedded Wood and Metal Demolition Reciprocating Blade Set

Best Reciprocating Saw BladesThis product is one of the best tools that can help you on a construction site. The combination of the best materials which can cut both metal and wood makes it a versatile reciprocating saw blade. The design is perfect for metal demolition applications and cutting nail-embedded woods.

It has 14 blades which are divided into four unique blades for multipurpose. Also, these blades come in so that you can pick a suitable one for any job you want to handle. The design uses the Bi-metal technology which makes it produce five times more life than its contemporaries in the market. There is also a patented tooth technology which can be varied to provide faster cuts with a little vibration.

It even features a dual tooth configuration with tiny gullets to enable fast removal of materials from either wood or metal. Freud DS0014S brand of saw blade lasts very long, and you are sure to get your money’s worth after buying it. With the storage case, your blades are protected and easy to carry whenever you are going to work.

Freud DS0014S Wood and Metal Cutting Blade Core Features:

  • The design comes from the combination of Steel Demon and the Demo Demon for high performance.
  • It has an ultra-thickened cutting edge that provides five times longer life than other quality blades available.
  • It features the length of a 9-inch blade and that of a 6-inch blade respectively.
  • It also has the variable patented tooth technology that makes the blade to cut faster with little or no vibration.
  • The blade can cut petrified woods and any sturdy material

DEWALT DW4892 Bi-Metal Reciprocating Saw Blade Set with Case, 12-Piece

Best Reciprocating Saw Blades reviewsThis specific Dewalt product has a multiple provision of blades that can perform all sorts of everyday applications. When you buy this brand of a reciprocating saw blade, you are sure of blades in different sizes that will help you to work faster on remodeling or demolition projects. Instead of wasting your time, you can use this brand and meet your deadline.

One thing I love about this brand is that the materials of the blades are different. Amongst them, you will find the one that can assist you in cutting plastics, timber and other soft materials. Another set amongst these blades can cut metals, concrete and any other hard task that you have to finish. When you check the thickness of the blade, you will be very impressed because it helps in prolonging the service life of each of them without any fear of bending and breaking.

The casing of this product widens to encompass a 9-inch blade which has the perfect design suitable for the power kit for tools. It also provides a convenient storage facility for the blades so that you can carry it about with ease.

Dewalt reciprocating saw blades Core Features:

  • This particular product is manufactured internationally with global materials and imported.
  • The additional case is extended to contain the 9-inch blades.
  • Also included in the set are 12 blades
  • It is offered at a reasonable price and durable
  • Inclusive in the kit are 6-Inch wood cutting blades, 9-inch demolition blade, 6-inch metal cutting blades, 9-inch and 8-inch metal cutting blade.

IRWIN Tools Metal Cutting Reciprocating Saw Blade, 6-Inch, 18 TPI, 50-Pack (372618BB)

IRWIN Tools Metal Cutting Reciprocating Saw BladeYou can use this specific reciprocating saw blade to cut materials with the thickness of 1/8 to ½ inch or 3.2-13mm. The IRWIN blade can cut every metal with the inclusion of sheet metal, non-ferrous, stainless, pipe and conduit respectively. The construction of this reciprocating saw blade comes from the Bi-metal technology enhances faster cutting and extra-long life.

The set teeth of this product offer smoother cuts, fastness, and precision. With this particular blade, you will get a smooth cut without damaging your fingers as you install the panel. They are also flexible to allow you total control. Also, the speed at which you can finish each project will be impressive since you will get a perfect cut at all times.

IRWIN Tools saw blade lasts very long. The construction technology is one of the best out there so you can use your reciprocating saw blade for a very long time. The use of electronic beam during the welding process makes this brand very strong and keeps the teeth of the blades very sharp no matter how long you use them.

Irwin reciprocating saw blades Core Features:

  • The material for the teeth production comes from 8% cobalt to make it sharper and durable.
  • The set teeth are for precision, fastness and smoother cuts.
  • It has the Bi-metal technology for added durability and faster cutting.
  • It can cut all kinds of metals including conduit, non-ferrous, stainless, pipe and metal sheet respectively.
  • The blade is 6-inch, 18 TPI, and 50-pack {372618BB}.

LENOX Tools 21225B6110GR Gold Power Arc Reciprocating Saw Blade, for thick Metal Cutting, 6-inch, 10 TPI, 25-Pack

LENOX Tools Reciprocating Saw BladeThis product is one of the Best Reciprocating Saw Blades which can boast of LENOX a renowned expert in providing cutting solutions as their manufacturer. This blade features the LENOX curved power arc blades which is an aggressive design that maximizes the blades angle of cutting. The blade is durable, fast in cutting and can cut varieties of material.

It comes with the T2 Technology from LENOX with the titanium coating. The coating is to enable cutting precision to avoid any form of mistake while you work and also extend the life of the blades. Also, titanium is one of the best materials that help in heat dissipation. This titanium coating of the teeth also makes them resistant to wear and maintain their sharpness for faster cuts.

The LENOX Tools will offer you a superior cutting experience. You don’t have to experience the inconvenience of changing blades constantly. With the high performance of this product, you will be more productive in your output. No matter the type of project you are handling, this tool is your best option because it will make things easier.

Lenox thick Metal Cutting Blades Core Features:

  • It offers two times longer life over the LENOX traditional straight reciprocating saw blades.
  • It comes with the aggressive curved saw blade design.
  • You can efficiently use this product for heavy-duty metal cutting, wood, demolition and metal cutting respectively.
  • It comes with 10 TPI of the blades to enable the cutting of thick metals, demolitions of metal, fire, and rescue.
  • The manufacturing is in the United States of America with global components.

Ingersoll Rand P4CS-20 Edge Series Reciprocating Saw Blades

Ingersoll Rand 20 Edge Series Reciprocating Saw BladesThis Ingersoll reciprocating saw blade is portable and hard working blade that can work efficiently on metals. Due to the size of the brand, you can carry it around. Also, for every metal demolition or remodeling, you can trust that this saw blade can assist you to achieve the aim. This brand can function correctly on heavy-sheet materials and even on saws with high Rpm.

It utilizes the Bi-metal technology to maximize the contact area by 170%. Instead of making mistakes due to lack of space, this feature will assist you to cut accurately and faster too. That is why I am impressed with this brand of a reciprocating saw blade. Users commend it for the cutting precision which it offers on every of their project.

The set of this specific reciprocating saw blade comprises 20 saw blades and carries the new tooth design for minimizing of frictional heat which results in improved cutting performance. Since the blades of this brand have protection against high temperature, they last very long while retaining their original sharpness.

Edge Series Reciprocating Saw Blades Core Features:

  • This product technology optimizes the contact zone
  • It has the new sawtooth design.
  • The design reduces frictional heat
  • It improves your cutting performance.
  • The entire set comprises 20 saw blades respectively.

Best Wood Cutting reciprocating saw blades Reviews:

IRWIN Tools Reciprocating Saw Blade, Wood and Nail Embedded Wood Cutting, 6-Inch 6TPI, 25 Pack {372656B}

Best Reciprocating Saw BladeThis particular reciprocating saw blade is known for its added durability and faster cutting. It is the perfect tool to use for roughing-in jobs and fast wood cutting. You can also use it on plastic materials and composition materials with the thickness of 3/16 inch or 5mm. It offers versatile options for users and ensures that you get the best result while using it.

The teeth are set for precision to provide smoother cuts and fastness. The electric beam usage in the welding process enhances the sturdiness and durability of the teeth. The material for the teeth design is 8% cobalt to keep the sharpness of the teeth longer. No matter how long you work with this blade, the teeth will remain sharp till maybe when you have exhausted the service life.

Another important feature of this brand of the reciprocating saw blade is that it carries the Bi-metal construction which ensures that the blades last longer. Apart from using it for a very long time, you can work faster on any project that involves wood cutting. With this brand, your search for durability is over.

Wood and Nail Embedded Wood Cutting Blades Core Features:

  • The welding process during construction offers sturdier and durable teeth.
  • The construction is Bi-metal for fastness and longer lifespan.
  • The teeth setting ensures precision, fastness, and smoother cuts.
  • You can conveniently use it on thick materials
  • It functions effectively on plastic, roughing-in tasks, material composition and fast wood cutting.

IRWIN Tools Reciprocating Saw Blade, Wood and Metal Cutting, 8-Inch, 10 TPI {372810B}

IRWIN Tools Reciprocating Saw Blade for Wood and Metal CuttingThis product is another reciprocating saw blade that carries the Bi-metal construction to enable cutting fastness and extra durability. You can see this product as a wood cutting saw blade, but it works in a broader range of application than others in the market. It can perform cuts on Stainless steel, plastic, carbon steel, and pipes. So, it is not only in woods, but whenever you have to cut the above materials, your IRWIN Tools 372810B can do the job efficiently.

This IRWIN tool is capable of cutting thick materials effectively. Some of the reciprocating saw blades out there find it hard to cut materials that are thick, but this one is different. The teeth are set for precision cutting and provide smoother and faster cuts. The material for the teeth production comes from 8% cobalt to keep the teeth sharp for an extended period.

It also carries the electronic beam weld for longer lasting and stronger teeth. No matter how long you use it in a day, month or year, you are sure of effectiveness whenever you touch the blades on the materials.

IRWIN Wood and Metal Cutting Blades Core Features:

  • Its material cuts composition include wood and others
  • There is the beam weld manufacturing process that makes the teeth stronger and more durable.
  • You can use this product to cut materials with the thickness of 1/8 to ½ inches.
  • It carries the Bi-metal construction that enables faster and smoother cuts.
  • It has ten blades in the pack.

LENOX Tools 210886066GR Gold Power Arc Demolition Reciprocating Saw Blade, for Demolition, Nail-Embedded Wood Cutting, 6-Inch, 6 TPI, 5-Pack

LENOX Tools Arc Demolition Reciprocating Saw BladeThis particular LENOX curved blade redefines the performance of the reciprocating saw blades with two time’s long life of the blade. This reciprocating saw blade comes with the aggressive design that maximizes the blade’s line of attack to make it faster while cutting various materials and durability of the blade. The edges are curved, and this feature alone assures you of working very fast with the blade.

When it comes to the material and the coating, users are impressed with the T2 technology that comes with precision titanium coating for longer life of the blade.  This material also enhances heat dissipation on the blade to ensure that the blade last longer. Using titanium to coat the teeth of this reciprocating saw blade provides that they are wearing resistant to make for sharper and faster cuts.

The superior performance of this blade increases your productivity since you don’t have to waste time in changing damaged blades. No matter the project you are handling, the speed and efficiency of this blade will impress you. It doesn’t end in wood cutting only but can handle heavy-duty metal cutting projects as well.

Lenox Nail Embedded Wood Cutting Blades Core Features:

  • It can deliver two times longer life against the traditional LENOX straight reciprocating saw blades.
  • This product carries the aggressive blade pattern
  • You can use this LENOX reciprocating saw blade to cut metals, heavy-duty cutting applications of metal, wood, and demolition.
  • The 6 TPI of the blades is perfect for thickest metals, wood, drywall, general plaster demolition, composites, and plastics.
  • The production is in the USA with global material components.

Bosch RW66 6-Inch 6 TPI Wood Cutting Reciprocating Saw Blades- 5 Pack

Bosch RW66 6 Inch 6 TPI Wood Cutting Reciprocating Saw BladesIf you have been searching for a product that works differently from others in the market, this particular brand is for you. This reciprocating saw blade is designed with the upgrade and innovation in technology also with engineering excellence. The manufacturers are global leaders in manufacturing reciprocating blades. Since you have seen that using a tool from well-known manufacturers is one of the things to consider before buying, you can give a plus for this brand. They know what you need and provided it here.

The Bosch RW66 comes with the patented teeth technology from Bosch also with the maximized blade cutting expertise. This pattern promotes the fastest cutting and the blades that last longer than the others. This brand is fast and efficient. It can cut wood embedded with nails, stainless steel, metals fiberglass, cinder block or cement board.

The blades are flexible, long in length, thick kerf, and carbide blades for cutting abrasive materials. The blades are more accessible to select due to the callouts and color coding. Instead of being confused whenever you want to pick a blade, go for this brand that has made things easier for you.

Bosch Wood Cutting Saw Blades Core Features:

  • The blade’s design is for easy identification.
  • The cutting angle comes in a 5-inch tilt to enable faster cutting and improved performance.
  • The blades can cut on varieties of materials without dulling.
  • They also come with carbide blades that specialize in cutting abrasive materials.
  • It works on heavy-duty projects without fail.

Freud DS0014S Nail- Embedded Wood and Metal Demolition Reciprocating Blade Set

Freud Nail Embedded Wood and Metal Demolition Reciprocating Blade SetWhen you want a product that has combined expertise for maximum performance, Freud is your best choice. This particular product is a combination of two different bestseller brands which are the Steel Demon and the Demo Demon. Their design ensures optimum performance in metal cutting applications and nail-embedded woods. With this product, your job will be easy, and you can be sure of increased productivity.

The Freud DS0014S 14-piece reciprocating saw blades are high-performance blades that have many unique attributes. It comes with the Bi-metal technology that offers increased sharpness on the edges than all the other standard blades in the market. It also has the flexible tooth technology that enables less vibration while cutting. Instead of making mistakes whenever you are working due to shaking hands, you can be sure of precision cuts with this particular saw blade.

Another essential feature of the Freud DS0014S reciprocating saw blade is the double tooth configuration with tiny gullets to increase material removal and additional durability. You can work faster since the teeth of the blade will not be harboring unwanted pieces of materials during cutting.

Freud Reciprocating Blade Set Core Features:

  • There is also the double tooth configuration with tiny gullets
  • You will even get a free additional bag for secure storage.
  • The edges are uniquely hardened for sharper cutting edge five times more than other blades.
  • It comes with 6-inch blade length and a 9-inch blade length respectively.
  • The brand can cut both wood and metal materials.

What Type of Reciprocating Saw Blade can I Buy?

There are many different types of reciprocating saw blades available in the market which you can buy. The important thing is to buy the kind that will best suit your cutting requirements. The first thing you should do before buying is to weigh the job you want to do.

If the project needs a multi-purpose blade, it is advisable to buy the combination blade that has a variable pitch. However, if the task has a specification, you can go for blades that specialize in that area. They are;Reciprocating Saw Blades

The Carbide Grit

This particular type is amongst the Best Reciprocating Saw Blades in the market. You can use it to cut ceramic tiles, stone brick, cast iron, clay pipe, fiberglass and plaster marble respectively.

Heavy-Duty/ Demolition Blade

This type of reciprocating saw blade can be used for different materials since it has different TPI. However, its area of specialization is cutting stainless steel and heavy duty pipe.

Metal Cutting

This is the type of reciprocating saw blade that you can use to cut structural steel, stainless steel metal, hard rubbers and nonferrous metals.

Wood-Cutting Blades

You can only use this particular type of blade on woods which are embedded with thick nails.

Bi-Directional Blade

This type of blade is for specific materials such as drywall and pruning application. The name as bi-directional is because it can cut in either direction. The bi-directional blade cuts faster. So you can use it to cut the surface directly, meaning that you don’t need to begin from the edge.

How to Choose the Right Reciprocating Saw Blade?

Getting the appropriate reciprocating saw blade is sometimes difficult if you don’t know how to go about it. If you make a mistake in the selection, you will go home with a blade that dulls very fast.

This type of blade may lead you to waste time and your hard-earned money on replacements. To save cost and time, you should consider the factors listed below if you want to get the Best Reciprocating Saw Blade. They are as follows;Best Reciprocating Saw Blade

The Material Type:

You should look for the blade that specializes in cutting the specific material you use since one single blade cannot cut all types of material. If you use a blade that is not suitable for your material, you will end up ruining and dulling it. It can even reduce the work speed and make it painfully slow.

The Blade Teeth per Inch:

The saw teeth number a blade has per inch changes the speed that saw can cut. If the saw blade has large but fewer teeth, its cutting speed is faster than that of smaller but many teeth. If a blade has many saw teeth, it tends to produce a neater surface close to the cut since each tooth only cuts out a tiny bit of the material. It brings down the wastages and makes the ridges less noticeable.

The Blade Material:

Another important factor you should consider before purchasing a reciprocating saw blade is the material quality of the blade itself. High-quality blade materials tend to be more expensive but last longer. It is not advisable to go for cheaper blades which may disappoint you.

The materials used for the manufacturing of blades are; Carbon Steel-they is flexible, inexpensive, can efficiently cut through tight spaces but have weak teeth that dull fast. High-Speed Steel-it is much stronger, lasts longer, more brittle, not flexible and do not dull fast. Bi-Metal- this is a combination of two or more metal types. It selects the best properties from the other materials. The Bi-metal material lasts longer than the other two, has hard teeth with a flexible blade and more expensive.

The Tooth Material:

The material you use in the design of the teeth cutting edge determines the durability of the blade and the type of material it can cut. You can use Metal teeth which majority of the blades carries.

The Manufacturer:

The manufacturer that produces a reciprocating saw blade is an essential factor to consider. Since many manufacturers are producing this item, it is advisable to go for the one you trust the most.

The Size:

It is necessary to check the size of your project before buying a reciprocating saw blade. If the project requires a more prolonged blade with more tooth per inch, using a shorter blade will cause damages to your project. It can also cause the blade to snap or bend. That is why; it is vital to choose the proper size of the reciprocating saw blade that will be suitable for your project.

Locking Mechanism:

It is crucial for the blades to have the same fitting with your unit. There are many locking mechanisms out there make sure to choose the correct one.

The Dimensions:

The dimensions you can find in a reciprocating blade comprises of the thickness, length, and width. Their ranges are from 3 to 12 inches. It is noted that longer blades cut thicker, therefore, select the dimensions base on the depth of cut you need.

How to safely use a Reciprocating Saw Blade?

  1. The reciprocating saw blade can be dangerous if you don’t know how to operate them. That is why; you should handle this device with great care. Below are some safety tips;
  2. Make sure that the blades of your reciprocating saw blade are sharp enough to have an edge and not dull to cause heating of the blade.
  3. Always cover your hands with gloves even if they are out of the way. Heat can damage your fingers from the blade or fragments from the debris which can stick in your hands unknowingly.
  4. It is also advisable to put on safety glasses to prevent wood or metal chips and other wastes from flying into your eyes.
  5. Do not forget the pipes and wirings around your building or site when you are carrying out a demolition job. Try to find out first what is behind the wall you are about to demolish for your safety.
  6. Make sure that the base of the saw is in tight contact with the workpiece you are cutting.
  7. Until the reciprocating saw blade attains its maximum power, do not cut.
  8. Do not cut higher than your shoulder height.
  9. Do not reach around or under the material that you are cutting.
  10. Don’t try inserting and removal of the saw blade from the cut hole as the blade is still moving.
  11. Remember not to wear loose clothes, jewelry or any object that dangles which may catch on to the moving part of the saw.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best TPI for cutting wood?Best Reciprocating Saw Blades

A: You can use 4 TPI for faster cutting of wood of ¾ inches or 14 TPI for a slower cut but a smoother finish.

Q: Can a metal blade cut PVC as well?

A: Yes! You can use a metal blade to cut PVC

Q: Is it possible to bring down trees with a reciprocating saw blade?

A: You cannot use a reciprocating saw blade to cut trees though they can be used to prune tree branches.

Q: Can a reciprocating saw blade cut metal?

A: Yes since cutting varieties of metal materials is amongst the jobs carried out by a reciprocating saw blade. If you get the specific saw blade specializes in cutting metal, it can cut it effectively.

Q: Can you use an electrical outlet like an extension to power a reciprocating saw blade?

A: You can certainly do that as far as the extension is in good condition and not faulty.

Q: Does a reciprocating saw blade need to be highly sharpened before you can use it for cutting?

A: It is true that you need to use a sharp blade for faster and smoother cutting, but it doesn’t need to be extraordinarily sharp. Let the blade be as sharp as to get an edge that should be enough.

Final Recommendation

We know that there are many people out there that are looking for the Best Reciprocating Saw Blade. That is the reason we provided all the necessary information to make a good choice.

However, I will recommend the Freud DS0014S Nail-Embedded Wood, and Metal Demolition Reciprocating Blade Set the best Reciprocating Saw Blade. This particular product is a combination of the best properties of the Demo Demon and the Steel Demon. Since it is a combination blade that has a variable pitch, it can carry out multiple functions.

If you find this review helpful, please spread the good news with your family and friends to help them make a perfect choice.

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