Top 5 Best Miter Saw Under 200 Reviews in 2022

A synthesized miter saw is contemplated or deployed as analogous tool framers, shell builders, furniture makers or carpenters. If you are genuinely in a state of agitation for top of the line miter saw then immersed yourself in the most prudent article ‘’Top 5 Best Miter Saw Under 200.’’ From millions of miter saw picking the right one is a sturdy operation that occurs the lion’s share of the time when you opt for an electric appliance. 

So as to assemble your way, facile we have equipped this article with 5 best miter saws that dominate the global market in the present circumstances. Presumably this guide will indulge you to fit your requirements. In order to assist you, we have formulated a list with 5 best miter saws reviews to manifest the best of the best. Let’s go ahead in trifles to this review. 

Top 5 Best Miter Saw Under 200

1. DEWALT DWS715 Miter Saw – DEWALT 12-Inch Miter Saw

DEWALT DWS715 Miter Saw - DEWALT 12-Inch Miter Saw

Our foremost priority and top of the line miter saw are DEWALT DWS715. This optimal quality miter saw has every one of the single adjuvant functionalities that is capable of meeting customer’s challenges.

Its 15 amp motor is beyond description as it operates virtually. Its 4000 Rpm motor is immensely powerful and durable as well. For making the work of frame cutting, miter cutting, cross-cutting, and molding rapidly and effortlessly this miter saw is without equal. Its design is completely disparate from its predecessors models. 

Key Features of DEWALT DWS715 Miter Saw

  • DEWALT DWS715 comes with a cross out the capacity of 2×8 inch dimensional lumber at 90 degrees.
  • It includes additional appliances like vertical clamp, side handles which are super flexible to use in the base, blade wrench, carbide blade and dust bag.
  • No other miter saw has an extra-large accurate bevel and mess-free dust collection like DEWALT DWS715 miter saw.
  • As it is lightweight so you can spontaneously transport it from your home to job site.
  • It leans up to 60 degrees right and 50 degrees left but it has extremely bad slides.

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It appears with a more aesthetic and flexible design which accommodates you to operate with it with maximum reliability. Where most of the DEWALT offers adjustable stainless steel detent plates of 10 positive stops but DEWALT DWS715 offers 14. This best 12-inch miter saws machined base fence allows sustaining fence perpendicularity with a blade so that you can get the highest quality accuracy.  

For checking the consistency of this miter saw we have furnished a user’s feedback where customers opines mixed review over this. According to a group of customers, this miter saw is one in a million and has enough consistency with price and performance. It’s 12 inches larger sharp blade cuts metal appliances also. 

On the other hand, a sprinkling of the users’ complaints that its slides sound too loud, noisy well as sticky when you are using it. But nothing can interchange it’s performance. Till now it is one of the premium quality miter saw. This budget-friendly miter saw allows every single person to afford. Neglecting all the flaws prior customers highly recommend it.

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2. Genesis GMS1015LC Miter Saw – Best Compound Miter Saw

Genesis GMS1015LC Miter Saw - Best Compound Miter Saw

Genesis is one of the distinguished miter saw brands that make their product according to the demand of the customers. Recently it has launched its flagship model Genesis GMS1015LC miter saw. For beginners or professional woodworkers, nothing would be better except this miter saw. Even after having a great extent of beneficial functionalities, it is affordable.

Genesis offers users entirely powerful materials and accessories. Without spending your huge bulk of the money it offers you reliable performance. Genesis GMS1015LC has a motor of 15-amp power that allows the blade to operate at a high speed of 4600 RPM. 

Key Features of Genesis GMS1015LC Miter Saw

  • Genesis GMS1015LC comes with an electric brake stop that allows you to change the blade quickly.
  • For quicker setup and accurate cuts, it features 9 positive detent miter stops lock.
  • This very miter saw appears with die cast aluminium base for portability and better accuracy.
  • The blade of saw should use a blade guard that prevents it from being pierced and saves you from cutting your fingers.
  • It’s affordable price and aesthetic design binds the customers to purchase it.

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According to the manufacturers, the cutting blade is 10 inches size along with 60T carbide teeth. It cuts the materials in an optimal and smooth way with 4.75 inches horizontally and 3 inches vertically cross cutting capacity. With all these capacities this miter saw is picked for creating some small projects like crown molding, picture frames and shadow boxes.

To know it’s serviceability top to bottom we collected a few of compound reviews of the customers. From them, a majority person conveys that Genesis GMS1015LC is co-operative and customer-oriented miter saw. Its low-cost price melts the hearts of the customers and they said that no miter saw can beat this. Very few miter saws can make such angle cuts like this Genesis model. 

It is easy to install and use. It operates incomparable like a chop saw. It’s lightweight allows you to carry it spontaneously and straightforward to assemble. It never wobbles and you can fold it easily. But a small quantity of the customers opined that occasionally, the roller got bent into the holder. After 6 months it started smoking and stopped working.

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3. Hitachi C10FCG Compound Miter Saw – Hitachi Sliding Miter Saw

Hitachi C10FCG Compound Miter Saw - Hitachi Sliding Miter Saw

Hitachi is a prodigious brand not only for refrigerator, mobile phone and other appliances but also for manufacturing remarkable miter saw. Very recently it has launched their freshest model Hitachi C10FCG Compound Miter Saw.

This miter has a 15-amp motor that offers you high power for sturdy cutting jobs. For finding better material support it has an extra large table with a vice clamping system so that you can get a secure workpiece. 

Key Features of Hitachi C10FCG  Miter Saw

  • Hitachi C10FCG features a carbon brush access that supports you to substitute brush as required to greatly aggravate the life of the tool.
  • It is excessively lightweight of 24 lbs to enable maneuverability and easier transport.
  • You can rely on its 0-52 degree miter angle range to the left and right for enhancing the flexibility.
  • The constructor designed it to cut any types of wood. With this very saw you will be able to cut large pieces of lumber.
  • You can rely on it as it can make a clean cut. It’s miter is genuinely adjusted with a few numbers of buttons which are situated near your thumb.

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It’s motor propagates a no-load speed of up to 5000 RPM for the easement of cutting. It delivers you a bevel range of 0-45 degrees to the left to offer clean and accurates bevel cuts. It is capable of cutting 4×4 items effortlessly. It’s blade is too sharp to cut all types of material as well as metal. It’s thumb actuated positive stops assists you to adjust with the miter quickly. Though most of the customers convey that it only cuts straightly but it’s entirely wrong. Rather it cuts the material horizontally also. 

Nothing is perfect in the world. So it has some flaws also. Most of the users complaints that it’s instruction manual is written awfully and stubbornly enough to follow. It’s aluminium body is not long-lasting like stainless steel one. It’s aser guide is not standard enough. The manufacturing quality and huskiness of the fence is poor.

 A little amount of users contemplated it as pure junk. But the majority of people admit that it’s smooth, straight and rapid. So those who are woodworkers and searching precision, versatility and reliability on their job can pick Hitachi C10FCG Compound Miter Saw at an affordable price.

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4. Makita LS1040 10’’- Makita Compound Miter Saw

Makita LS1040 10’’- Makita Compound Miter Saw

For making innovative miters, no one confides in other brands except Makita. More or less all the models are high-end and record-breaking. It’s new model Makita  LS1040 10’’ compound Miter Saw is beyond description in terms of performance.

It is manufactured with upgraded technology and professional quality power tools that helps to cut all types of materials especially wood. When the manufacturer made this miter saw they bear in mind that it requires simple-to-execute features. If you are a professional woodworker and searching for a multifaceted 10 inches miter saw, pursue this review. 

Key Features of Makita LS1040 10’’ Compound Miter Saw

  • For flourished performance Makita LS1040 10’’ Compound Miter Saw features a powerful 15 amp direct drive motor with 4600RPM.
  • It offers you an extra large potentiality with cuts 52 degrees right and 47 degrees left with 9 positive stops.
  • This impressive miter saw provides you multiple additional appliances including a wrench, triangular rule, blade, and vertical vise.
  • This aluminium based precision machine makes sure of reliable performance and accurate cuts.
  • For changing the blades spontaneously it offers a shaft lock. As it is lightweight and 27.3 lbs so you can easily transport it.

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With 100% accuracy Makita LS1040 10 inches compound miter saw is designed. It comes with first-rate cutting capacity compared with other Makita models. It’s superior cutting experience melts the heart of the customers. It’s stock blade is always ready to cut the materials effortlessly. This Makita miter has multiple convenient functionalities for added new dimension and usability. Let’s move on to key features.

According to the users, it is a nice, powerful and simple miter saw. This best sliding compound miter saw made with heavy gauge materials. Very few Makita miter saws are capable of cutting angles. But a few of the customers convey that it has a few flaws. They said that Makita didn’t set the blade perfect for cutting sturdy materials. But it’s electronic speed control is immensely smooth and precise.

If you are looking for a compact designed, accurate and durable miter saw Makita LS1040 10’’ Compound Miter Saw will be picked for you. This affordable miter saw supports you when your saw started disturbing. You can troubleshoot all the nuisance by contacting the customer service center.

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5. Metabo HPT C10FCH2S 10’’- Metabo Compound Miter Saw

Metabo HPT C10FCH2S 10’’- Metabo Compound Miter Saw

From the former day to right now Metabo miter saw holds their reputation with a high hand. Metabo on every occasion launched their miter saw. Maintaining that continuity recently launched their flagship model Metabo HPT C10FCH2S miter saw. With its aesthetic design and professionalism performance dominates the global market of miter saw.

Key Features of Metabo C10FCH2S 10’’ Miter Saw

  • For enhancing the flexibility Metabo C10FCH2S Miter Saw features 0-52 degree miter angle range to the right and left.
  • It’s vibration reducing elastomer grip and horizontal soft handle adds extra comfort and control when you are using the saw.
  • To deliver you better material accommodate it features an extra large table.
  • For facile and rapid miter adjustments it has thumb actuated positive stops.
  • To decrease airborne particles it features dust collector attachment.

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You can count on it’s laser maker system. It comes with a large pivotal flip fence allowing the saws to raise up to 4 inches for cutting crown molding vertically. The 26.5 lbs lightweight making saw assists you to carry it easily from house to job site.

For cutting the toughest jobs it features a 15 amp motor that is extremely powerful. To know about Metabo HPT C10FCH2S 10’’ Compound Miter Saw take a look at key features.

The prior customers recommended this miter saw for the contemporaries owing to the fact that experiencing durable construction and artistic design. It never wiggles and vibrates. Everything is top-top. But sometimes it started to be a nuisance. It’s dust collection and laser operates horribly.

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Final Recommendation

A lion’s share of the customers may consider it would be tenacious for them to opt for second to none miter saw. Though all of the miter saw are high-end but exist dissimilarities in terms of functionalities, price tags and design. Are you stuck choosing the right and ideal one? In that case our experts assist you to make wise decisions. 

According to them Makita LS1040 10’’ Compound Miter Saw is unquestionably top of the range as well as affordable with just $150.  So, pick this one without second thought and follow this review of ‘’Top 5 Miter Saw Under $200’’.

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