Best Miter Saw Reviews and Buyer Guide

Best Miter SawThe miter saw is extremely powerful tools that will help you quick cuts on wood, and other materials when you have the right blade. Shopping for the best miter saw can be an exciting as well as challenging experience. With this handy tool, you can miter cuts that will be angled to suit your specifications. There are so many models on the market and this is the reason why shopping for the ideal miter saw proves, to be somewhat challenging. With this guide, you will learn the tips and tricks that will help you pick a saw that meets your needs.

A miter saw is a tool that serves the interests of different professionals as well as hobbyists. As such, you will want to find a model that has all the relevant features. With so many brands on the market, you may be spoilt for choice and this may make it quite difficult for you to choose a specific one. Most models seem to have the same features and this is why I narrowed to the top rated models. I will also point out some of the key differences that you should look out for.

Why Miter Saw and Its Benefit?

The miter saw will cut at both vertical and horizontal angles, at the same time. This is one element that makes this tool to be useful as it will save you so much time. The miter saw will be ideal for crown molding and so many other projects that require a finer finish. There is no other tool that can be able to make mitered cuts, without breaking the miter box. With this tool, you will have limitless functions.


Getting the right miter saw comes with loads of advantages. Here is a summary of the key benefits attributed to the best miter saw:

  • Time-Saving

The miter saw allows to make unique cuts in a very short time and as such, it is considered to be a time-efficient tool. You will be able to make wider cuts and there is also the advantage of being able to make cuts on both the horizontal and vertical angles.

  • Precise Cuts

You must love the accuracy that the miter saw will give you when making cuts. The locking feature is what helps the users to make angled cuts, with ease. You will be able to improve the quality of the projects that you have.

  • Ease of Use

There is no complexity in using miter saws. You may not even require great skills or previous experience to be able to use. However, you should read the manual keenly to operate it safely.

  • High-Quality Cuts

In comparison to the other cutting tools, the miter saw offers quality cuts, which are clean and smooth. This is as a result of having high-quality blades.

  • Cut Different Angles

The best miter saw is quite versatile as you will be able to make cuts at different angles. When working with other saws, you will have to find another tool to make cuts at different angles.

Best Miter Saw Reviews To Buy In 2021

With the market having hundreds of miter saw, the biggest question is, which is the best miter saw? Every manufacturer claims to have the best saw. However, we have to agree that not all miter saws are ideal. After comprehensive research, I have narrowed down to some of the best models that you will find on the market, and are worth considering. Here are my top 5 picks of miter saws:

PictureProduct NameInchMotorPrice
Hitachi Hitachi C10FCG 15-Amp 10″ Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw 10 Inch 15 Amp Check Price
Makita Makita LS1216L 12-Inch Dual Slide Compound Miter Saw with Laser 12 Inch 15 Amp Check Price
DEWALT DW713 10 in. Portable Compound Miter Saw DEWALT DW713 10 in. Portable Compound Miter Saw 10 Inch 15 Amp Check Price
SKIL 3317-01 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw with Quick Mount System and Laser Cutline SKIL 3317-01 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw with Quick Mount System and Laser Cutline 10 Inch - Check Price
Bosch Compound Miter Saw GCM12SD - 120-Volt, 12-Inch Dual Bevel Glide Miter Saw Bosch Compound Miter Saw GCM12SD - 120-Volt, 12-Inch Dual Bevel Glide Miter Saw 12 Inch 15 Amp Check Price

Hitachi C10FCG 15-Amp 10″ Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw

Hitachi C10FCG 15-Amp 10" Single Bevel Compound Miter SawHitachi C10FCG is a miter saw that will not fail the users. From history, Hitachi is a brand that is well recognized for the manufacture of high-quality products. The development of this particular model is as a result of extensive research. The miter saw comes with the highest standard of performance and will give you great quality, in terms of the cuts. Even when you have to deal with the toughest material, you will be able to make quick and easy miter cuts. This is a saw that comes with everything that you will need to improve the quality of the cuts.

This model is customized to give great convenience to users. It comes with an elastomer grip handle that is quite comfortable and gives you a firm grip. This is also known to reduce the vibration and as such you will make accurate cuts. There is a large and extended flip fence is an amazing feature to have on this saw it will extend the functionality of the saw. The Hitachi C10FCG allows you to make quick and easy miter adjustments. There are positive stops, which are strategically placed and operated by the thumb. As for dust management, the saw comes with a dust bag to collect the waste and debris.

All features point to the Hitachi C10FCG to be the best miter saw that you can have. It is quite powerful as it comes with a 15 amp motor, which will deliver up to 5,000 rotations per minute. This will give you the convenience of cutting different materials, easily. You will have an easy time handling this miter saw as it weighs 24.2 pounds. The process of changing blades on this saw is easy and fast, as all, you will need a hex wrench.

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Hitachi 10 inch Miter Saw Core Features

  • The Hitachi C10FCG is an ideal miter saw to cut hardwood, softwood, MDF, lumber and plywood. It is also good for OSB.
  • This heavy-duty steel construction makes this model sturdy and also durable. As a result, it can support heavy loading task.
  • The miter ranges on the Hitachi C10FCG miter saw is 52 degrees to the left and 52 degrees to the right.
  • The powerful 15 amp motor delivers the speed of up to 5,000 RPM and this gives you enough power to cut, even the toughest materials.
  • The saw comes with a dust collection bag that will help to clear the dust and debris that will result from the cutting process.

Makita LS1216L 12-Inch Dual Slide Compound Miter Saw with Laser

 best miter saw for homeownerThe essence of having the best miter saw is to be able to enhance productivity. The Makita LS1216L is a great model that is known to have the largest crown cutting and crosscutting capacity, in its category. This is a dual slide compound miter saw and comes with a 4 steel rail sliding system that is patented. As such, you will have increased rigidity, and this will help you produce superior cuts, that are of excellent quality. In addition, to this, the saw has a 6 linear ball bearing design, which is exclusive and results in smooth and accurate cuts.

Due to the versatile nature of the Makita LS1216L saw, you can use it for both jobsite and bench top task. With this model, you can be made crosscuts on boards that are up to 15 inches wide, at 90 degrees. The direct drive gearbox is an innovative feature and this works with the retractable guard system, which is designed to offer a larger vertical cutting capacity. The 5 ½ inches tall sliding fence has 4 sliding fences which make it easier to make adjustments. As a result, all the bevel and miter cuts that will be made are accurate.

One of the things that you will love with the Makita LS1216L is the fact that the features have been made in such a manner that they are easy to use. The clear blade guard system allows you to have good visibility of the blade when it is in operation and this will improve the accuracy of the cuts. The blade change process takes a single step and as such, there very little downtimes. The saw comes with a rubberized D-handle, which is horizontal and has an ergonomic grip. This fits in the hand perfectly to give you added comfort. There is a large switch trigger to ease the operation of the saw.

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Makita sliding compound miter saw Core Features

  • The Makita LS1216L comes with a patented rear guard, which is retractable and there is also a triple gear system that will increase the vertical cutting capacity.
  • The independent laser guide will indicate the cut line, whether you are running the blade or nor and there is a switch for micro adjustments.
  • The Makita LS1216L has a 4 steel sliding system, that is patented and this will give you the rigidity required to make excellent cuts.
  • You can use this miter saw to make cross cuts that are up to 15 inches at 90 degrees.
  • The miter saw is powered by a 15 amp motor, with a direct drive mechanism. This delivers up to 3,200 rotations per minute and requires minimal maintenance.

DEWALT DW713 10 in. Portable Compound Miter Saw

 best miter saw for beginnersThe DW713 is the best miter saw that will serve the needs of professionals and hobbyists alike. Be it that you want to make crown molding or cut baseboards, this will be the ideal miter saw to work with. This is a single bevel compound miter saw and as such, you can trust it to deliver quick and accurate cuts. It comes with a powerful motor, which has 15 amps and has the capacity to deliver up to 5,000 rotations per minute and as such, you can achieve your cuts easily. The cam lock miter handle is also easy to adjust and this contributes to the outcome of the cuts made.

There are bevel and miter stops that have been included in this model and this will be ideal when you need to make decorative moldings that are oversized. The compound miter saw is ready for use from the box and you make all crosscutting and mitered cuts. When you buy this miter saw, it comes with a blade wrench and a carbide blade, which is durable. The dust bag is conveniently placed and this will help eliminate the dust and debris from the process of making cuts. There is a miter detent plate that is made from stainless steel and this works with the cam miter lock to provide repeatable cuts, with utmost accuracy.

The DW713 is quite light and has a built-in handle that makes it a portable miter saw. This model weighs 35 pounds. The tall sliding fence will be able to support up to 4 ½ inches crown molding which is vertical nested. There are 11 positive stops and as such, you will easily set up the saw for maximum efficiency. The miter capacity of the saw is o to 50 degrees to the right and left side and as such, you will get great versatility. With this saw, you can make quick bevel cuts, accurately.

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Dewalt 10 miter saw Core Features

  • The DW713 is a compound miter saw that supports the 10-inch blades and will allow you to make cuts on different materials.
  • The saw comes with high-quality detent plate that is made of stainless steel and has 11 positive stops repeatable cuts that are accurate.
  • This is a powerful saw as it comes with a 15 amp motor, with the capacity to deliver up to 5,000 rotations per minute and this extends the durability as well.
  • With the lightweight of 35 pounds and a carrying case, you can conveniently move it around with it for job site tasks.
  • There is a convenient dust bag that helps to maintain a clean work area, at all times.

SKIL 3317-01 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw with Quick Mount System and Laser Cutline

 best budget miter saw The SKIL 3317-01 is one of the most powerful compound miter saws that you will come across on the market. This is a compact miter saw that works with the 10-inch blades. This is an ideal model for those who are starting in professional woodwork. It comes with a quick mount system and as such, you will be able to have great support for the saw, as it will be on the stand. It takes 3 simple steps to mount this best miter saw to the stand. The setup process takes very little time and as such, you will more work to work and become productively.

It is important to note that the saw stand is sold as a separate unit. If you are just beginning in your woodwork, this will be the best option to pick. As far as the accuracy of the cuts goes, you will enjoy the laser cutline guide that has 9 positive stops. As such, your cutting process will be much faster, without compromising on the accuracy. All the common miter angles can be achieved through the positive stops that the saw offers. You can use the saw for crown molding as well as other tough jobs. The SKIL 3317-01 is an amazing miter saw to have as it comes with versatile features.

There is a table extension with rails that are on both the right and left sides. This is what makes it easier to handle 2x4s or broader panels and the horizontal clamping system will ensure that the workpiece is securely held. The SKIL 3317-01 has an aluminum fence that comes with convenient ruler markings and as such, you will take measurements, without any difficulty. You will have better control over all the cuts that you have as it comes with the capacity to support wider and longer wood. There is a dust bag that will help to maintain a clean work area.

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Skil  compound miter saw Core Features

  • The SKIL 3317-01 comes with a laser cutline guide that ensures that the cuts you make are accurate and achieved fast.
  • There is a quick mount system to allow you to set up the miter saw on the stand. The stand will be purchased separately.
  • The horizontal clamping system has been designed in such a manner that it will hold the workpiece, against the workpiece securely.
  • There is a lock-off switch that is conveniently placed for both right and left-handed users
  • The table extension comes with rails that are long enough for longer pieces of wood.

Bosch Compound Miter Saw GCM12SD – 120-Volt, 12-Inch Dual Bevel Glide Miter Saw

best miter sawGCM12SD Glide Miter Saw is another model that has been availed by Bosch. Just like the other power tools that Bosch makes, this particular one is also quite versatile. The compact saw is known to deliver precision and unrivaled smoothness of cuts. There is an Axial Glide system which will ensure that cuts are smooth. This system will give you full control over the cutting action of the saw. With the Axial Glide, the articulated arm will be folded flush to the back of the saw, making the saw use 12 inches less of workspace than the ordinary sliding miter saw.

This is an ideal model for those who have a small workspace or have job site projects. As for the effectiveness of the performance, the saw has a SquareLock fence that is pre-aligned, such that it will maintain precision for good. The soft grip and ambidextrous handle is also a feature that is meant to give better control of the saw. There is a dust chute that has also been included and this comes with a vacuum adaptor to make dust management easier. This means that the dust will be removed, clearing up the cut line, thereby achieving greater accuracy.

The GCM12SD Glide Miter Saw has miter and bevel scales that are easy to read and have detents at the common angles for mitered and bevel cuts. The upfront controls are easy to access, which gives you more convenience in the operation of this saw. This is the best miter saw for quick and precise cuts on different materials. This is made possible by the powerful 15 amp motor that has no-load speeds of up to 3,800 RPM. The good news is that this particular model is compatible with most 12 inch blades. The fence has a quick release mechanism and as such, you will be able to save time, when making cuts.

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Bosch miter saw 12 inch Core Features

  • The GCM12SD Glide Miter Saw has a large ergonomic trigger on the ambidextrous handle and this enhances the comfort that you will get with this model.
  • The dust collection port will be able to get rid of the dust and also comes with a vacuum adaptor, which makes the process of dust extraction easier.
  • This is a compact model and features an axial glide system, which uses 12 inches less space than the conventional miter saw.
  • There is a high precision, which is facilitated by the SquareLock fence, with a quick release mechanism. The fence is pre-aligned to 90 degrees and does not require further adjustment.
  • The GCM12SD Glide Miter Saw has a 15 amp motor that runs up to 3,800 RPM, giving enough power to cut different materials.

Things to Consider When Buying a Miter Saw

As mentioned earlier, the process of finding the miter saw may be overwhelming, due to the fact that there are many models. There are a number of things that you can use as a yardstick to ensure that you have the right model. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Type of Miter Saw:Best Miter Saw

There are different types of miter saws and as such, you need to consider the type that you need. There is a single bevel miter saw, compound miter saw as well as the sliding compound miter saw. If you are a serious professional worker, you may have to settle for the sliding compound miter saw as it has all the features you will need a miter saw.

  • Size of Blade:

The other bit that will come into play when you are looking for the miter saw to buy is the size of the blade. In most cases, models will come with a 10-inch blade, which is not expensive. However, they will have a limitation on the width of the cuts that you have. As such, most experts recommend the 12-inch blade, which is used for professional cutting tasks.

  • Fence Mechanism:

Getting a miter saw that has a tall fence allows being able to make trimming and molding cuts, with ease. However, when you have a taller fence, you will have the option to cut longer workpieces. Ensure that you have a fence system that will support the type of tasks that you frequently intend to use the miter saw with.

  • Essential Accessories:

The feature and accessories are the main differentiating factors for miter saws. There are some accessories that will be a great advantage like the depth stops and laser guides. The depth stops are essential for making dado cuts and come at a price. The laser guide is a feature that will ensure that you have quick and accurate results. Find a miter saw that has accessories that make you get professional results.

  • Price of the Saw:

Finally, it is also important to consider the price of the miter saw that you intend to buy. The features and accessories will increase the price and as such, it is important to pick one that has the features, you really need. When you choose to buy the sliding miter saw, you should note that it is far much expensive than the other types. You need to compare a number of models within the same price range so as to pick the best one.

10 Safety Tips When Using a Miter Saw

Now that we have learned how to pick the best miter saw, the other bit, which is critical is to learn how to use it safely. A miter saw is a powerful tool that will cause serious injuries if proper care is not observed. Here are some tips that I have put together to help you maintain safety when using this power tool:

  1. Wear safe clothing, when using the miter saw. Protect your face, eyes, and ears and also ensure that your skin is well covered. The flying debris can land on your skin and this may result in serious injuries.
  2. While considering the type of clothes to wear, you need to avoid buggy clothing and any accessories that are hanging loose. These can be caught easily by the saw and the result can be disastrous.
  3. Before making cuts, adjust the fence and make sure that it is well aligned. This will eliminate the need to cut with the free hand.
  4. Make it a habit to clean the miter saw when it has accumulated some dust. When doing this, ensure that the saw is turned off and disconnected from the power source.
  5. Always ensure that you are using a sharp blade to make the cuts. Dull blades will make you use a lot of force and this may cause the workpiece to spring back.
  6. You will need to have the work area well lit so that you can have proper visibility.
  7. Pay full attention to the process of cutting and use the necessary push devices, so as to protect your fingers and hands.
  8. Have the proper guards installed and actively in use when working with the miter saw, to prevent accidents.
  9. When using the miter saw, you should never cut small pieces that are less than 8 inches, as this exposes you to greater risks.
  10. Your miter saw should be serviced, cleaned and lubricated often, to keep it in its best performance.

If you are looking for more information about How to safely use a miter saw go here right away –

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does dual sliding mean on miter saws?sliding compound miter saw

A: If you come across a model of miter saw that has dual sliding, this means that has 2 sets of slides, on the high end and lower end.

Q: What is the horsepower of the motors on miter saws?

A: Most miter saws have motors that range from 10 to 15 amps. For the ones with 15 amps motors, this translates to about 2 horsepower, which is quite efficient.

Q: When I buy a miter saw, will I get a stand to mount it on?

A: For most brands, the miter saw is sold alone and the only thing that you may get is the side extension. The stand is usually separate and you would have to purchase it. When purchasing the stand, ensure that it is compatible with the saw.

Q: Can I cut metal with a miter saw?

A: Yes, the miter saw has the capacity to cut metal. However, when doing this, you need to ensure that that you have the right blade, which is meant for cutting metal.

Q: Does the miter saw make bevel cuts?

A: The miter saw can make bevel cuts. When you find a model with a laser guide system, the cuts are done with much ease.

Final Recommendation:

Having a miter saw comes with a wide range of benefits as you can use it for different tasks. There are so many models that are available on the market, and as you have noticed, they come with glaring differences. When shopping for a miter saw, you will need to consider finding a model that will serve your needs. Buying a low quality tool will be a waste of money and also put you at greater risk.

The models that I have reviewed are the top rated saws, and each has its benefits. I highly recommend the Hitachi C10FCG 15-Amp 10″ Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw as the best miter saw. This comes with great features to serve your needs perfectly. If this guide answers your questions, please share with others and you can also leave a comment if you have any questions or any feedback. Happy shopping!

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