Best Miter Saw Blade Reviews with Buyer Guide

Best Miter Saw BladeSearching for the best miter saw blade can be a tedious task as there are so many models on the market. There a couple of factors that you should put into consideration so as to buy a good blade. One of the things that you cannot be ignorant of is the teeth of the blade as this determines the quality of the cuts that you will achieve. When you end up with a low quality blade, this will affect your cuts significantly. As such it is important to take the time to shop for a quality blade.

The market is flooded with so many types of blades and you may be confused as to which one to buy. In most cases, blades are known to be cheap and you can easily replace them. However, when you invest in a good blade, you will be happy with the results. On this guide, I will show you some of the key factors to consider when shopping for a miter saw blade. In addition, I have picked some of the best models on the market and reviewed them. By the end of this guide, you should be in a position to pick a good blade.

Different Types of Miter Saw Blade

When shopping for the best miter saw blade, it is important to note that there are different types. As such, you will need to be sure of the specific type that you are looking for. The type of blade will depend on the project that you have at hand and the mite saw that you are using. Here are the main types of miter saw blades that you will find on the market:Best Miter Saw Blade

  • Reciprocating Saw Blades

These are blades that are used on the reciprocating saw and they can be used for a couple of tasks. They are ideal for cutting wood, metal and drywall among others.

  • Circular Saw Blades

If you have some tilting work, then you will need to get the circular saw blades. These are specially designed to work on different applications, like cutting wood, metal and masonry.

  • Course Cut Blades

When you need to cut softwood, hardwood and plywood using a miter saw, then you will need to invest in course cut blades, as they are perfect for such tasks.

  • Fine Cut Blades

The fine cuts blades are ides for plywood, laminated chipboards, wood core plywood and so much more. Just as the name implies, they will be useful when you need to make fine cuts.

  • Very Course Cut Blades

For those with heavy-duty cutting tasks, the very course cut blades are the best type. These are perfect for hard materials like metal and masonry.

As you can see, there are different types of miter saw blades and when you go out shopping, you will need to pick the ideal one so as to get the best results.

Best Miter Saw Blade Reviews On The Market

While it is a great thing to have a wide range of miter saw blades to choose from, this can be quite a confusing ordeal. It may be hard to tell the best miter saw blade to buy as they all appear to be the same. However, I have made this easier for you by picking some of the top blades on the market and the ones that are proven to have a great performance, when using the miter saw. Here are the top 5 models that I handpicked.

PictureProduct NameInchToothDetails
Makita A-93681 10-Inch 80 Tooth Micro Polished Mitersaw Blade Makita A-93681 10-Inch 80 Tooth Micro Polished Mitersaw Blade 10 Inch 80 Tooth Check Price
DEWALT DEWALT DW3128P5 80 Tooth and 32T ATB Thin Kerf 12-inch Crosscutting Miter Saw Blade 12 Inch 80 Tooth Check Price
Hitachi 115435 10” 60T Fine Finish VPR Miter Saw Blade Hitachi 115435 10” 60T Fine Finish VPR Miter Saw Blade 10 Inch 60 Tooth Check Price
Freud D1244X Diablo 12-Inch 44 Tooth ATB General Purpose Miter Saw Blade Freud D1244X Diablo 12-Inch 44 Tooth ATB General Purpose Miter Saw Blade 12 Inch 44 Tooth Check Price
Forrest CM12806115 Chopmaster 12-Inch 80-tooth Forrest CM12806115 Chopmaster 12-Inch 80-tooth 12 Inch 80 Tooth Check Price

Makita A-93681 10-Inch 80 Tooth Micro Polished Mitersaw Blade

Best Miter Saw BladeThe Makita A-93681 blade is one of the best on the market. This is a 10 inch blade and has a kerf that measures .091 inches, to enable you to make very thin cuts. This is among the thinnest models that are on the market and will be useful in making cuts on plywood, composites, softwoods as well as hardwoods. This is a versatile blade and is known to be able to handle pretty much anything that comes its way, and is able to produce clean and smooth cuts. The tooth hook angle is at 5 degrees and as such it will be ideal for the most miter saw.

Makita is an established brand when it comes to the manufacture of power tools. The Makita A-93681 is the best miter saw blade that you will come across. This is specialized for making different types of cuts and uses the Deep and Exact Cutting Technology. This ensures that you have a higher cutting capacity and performance. This is a great technology that is designed to enhance the cutting power of the blade. You can use this blade with most miter saws and it can withstand heavy duty cutting. There integrated steel plates that are included and these will ensure that you have accurate cuts.

The steel saw plates on the blade will be tensioned by hand and as such, you will not need any tools for this task. The Alternate Top and Alternate Face tooth design on the Makita A-93681 is meant to give you ultra-precision in your cutting. This is a blade that comes with the Japanese ultra-thin kerf and this will ensure that there is minimal material loss delivers more accurate and smoother cuts. The micro-grain carbide teeth are honed with up to 600 grit and this will ensure that you have a mirror finish on the cuts made.

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Makita A-93681 10-Inch Mitersaw Blade Features

  • The Makita A-93681 is ideal for a wide range of applications as it can be used to cut hardwood, softwood and plywood, among other materials.
  • This model comes with the Japanese ultra-thin kerf of 0.091 inches, which gives you clean and thin cuts that have a smooth finish.
  • The micro-grain carbide teeth are durable and are honed with up to 600 Grit and this is responsible for the mirror finish.
  • The ultra-precision cutting is made possible by the Alternate Top and Alternate Face tooth design of this blade.
  • There are steel saw plates that are fully hardened and made in such a manner that they will be tensioned by hand to achieve true cuts.

DEWALT DW3128P5 80 Tooth and 32T ATB Thin Kerf 12-inch Crosscutting Miter Saw Blade, 2 Pack

Crosscutting Miter Saw BladeDEWALT DW3128P5 is a 12-inch blade that is quite common among many professionals and DIYers. This is one of the tons of quality products made by DEWALT. With this miter saw blade, you can make fast and accurate cuts on different materials and the cuts will smooth and neat. This is the ideal blade to make cuts on plywood, chipboard as well as soft and hardwoods. This product is considered to be an economical choice as it is sold as a set of 2 blades. One blade is a 32 tooth blade, while the other one has 80 teeth, for those seeking to make fine cuts.

If you are looking for a great blade that will make incredible rip cuts, then this is a perfect choice. Both blades have very thin kerfs and this eliminates the need to have too much horsepower to spin them into action. The fact that the blades have fine teeth, means that there will be minimal wastage when you are making the cuts on your workpiece. The DEWALT DW3128P5 blade the tips that are made of carbide and tungsten. As such, they will be sharp for quite a long time. This saves you the trouble of having to keep sharpening the blades, every other time.

The plate on the DEWALT DW3128P5 blades is balanced using a computer and this significantly reduces vibration when you are making your cuts. As a result, you are assured of smooth finish and the precision of the cuts is never compromised. The blade tips on these blades have more steel, which is made possible by the wedge shoulder design. As such, the blades are firm enough and will not break easily when in use. There is an advantage of being able to use these blades with both the miter saw and sliding miter saw. This is an ideal pack of blades to buy for your miter saw as they are high quality and affordable.

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DEWALT DW3128P5 12-inch Crosscutting Blade Features

  • The DEWALT DW3128P5 blades have a computer balances plate and as such, they will reduce the vibration and increase the accuracy of the cuts.
  • This comes as a set of two blades; one with 80 teeth and the other one with 32 teeth. This will give you the versatility that any professional expert needs.
  • Their thin kerf on both blades makes it possible for you to achieve a smooth and fast cutting action, without too much horsepower.
  • The blade tips have a wedge shoulder design, which sees them having more steel and prevents easy breakage.
  • With carbide and tungsten blade tips, the DEWALT DW3128P5 blades will stay sharp for a longer time, enhancing your productivity.

Hitachi 115435 10” 60T Fine Finish VPR Miter Saw Blade

Fine Finish VPR Miter Saw BladeHitachi 115435 is another blade that makes it on the list of my top choices for the best miter saw blade. This is a 10-inch blade that comes with 60 teeth that will be sure to deliver a smooth and neat finish. This is a VPR blade and is laser cut from high-quality Japanese steel, which makes the blade strong and durable, which ensuring maximum cutting precision. This type of blade is considered to be quite superior as it will be used for dry wood applications. You can use the blade for miter cuts, rip cuts and cross cuts among others.

The Hitachi 115435 comes with blade tips that are made of tungsten carbide and balanced using computer technology. This gives you a well-balanced blade that has careful welding to reduce vibration and ensure that you have accurate cuts. The accurate tip geometry is as a result of an automated grinding process, which is meant to increase the lifespan of the blade. This blade is known to have high performance with the aid of the ATB C3 carbide teeth. The VPR blade will be a convenient item to have in your toolbox as it comes in handy for most cutting applications.

The micro grain structure and micro grain tungsten carbide will provide you with the longevity and sturdiness that you may require on a blade. The Hitachi 115435 blade is made in such a way that it can be able to withstand extreme impact. This is through the tri-metal shock resistant brazing that increases the durability of the blade. There are large micro-grain carbide teeth that will also allow professional sharpening of the blade. This is one blade that is known to run cooler at all times due to the laser cut expansion slots. You do not have to worry about rusting as the electrophoresis coating will prevent that.

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Hitachi 115435 10 inch Fine Finish VPR Blade Features

  • The tri-metal shock resistant brazing is what makes it possible for the Hitachi 115435 to be able to withstand heavy impact.
  • This is a 10-inch blade for the miter saw and comes with 60 teeth, making it ideal for a wide range of cutting applications.
  • The precision of the cuts is made possible by the computer balanced plates, which reduce vibration and noise of the blade.
  • This blade has the capacity to spin up to 5, 800 rotations per minute, allowing you to make fast accurate cuts.
  • The carbide tungsten blade tips are durable and will give you clean and smooth finishes on different materials that you may cut with this blade.

Freud D1244X Diablo 12-Inch 44 Tooth ATB General Purpose Miter Saw Blade with 1-Inch Arbor

General Purpose Miter Saw Blade Any professional needs tools that are reliable and more so, versatile. If you have a miter saw and are looking for a blade that will match up to your needs, then the Freud D1244X Diablo is the best option. This is a general purpose saw blade and has been capacity to cut through different types of wood materials. As such, this blade eliminates the need to change the blades, in between tasks, giving you more time to be productive all along. The blade comes with high-density carbide tips that will extend the life of this blade and remain sharp for longer periods.

The tough steel plate gives the blade a good balance and as such, there will be very little vibration. Due to the versatile nature of the blade, you can be able to make rip cuts that will have a smooth finish. You can use the Freud D1244X Diablo to cut materials like pressure treated lumber, beams, pine, oak and plywood among others. The laser cut kerf is what will help you to produce smooth and accurate cuts, quietly. The kerf between the 40 teeth of the blade is 0.98 inches, which allows an easier feed on the cuts. The blades have the alternate top bevel design for smooth cuts.

Besides the design of the blade, there is also are laser cut stabilizers that will reduce the noise as well as the vibration. This leaves you with greater control of the saw and there will be no warping or friction. This is an amazing feature and works to extend the cutting life of the Freud D1244X Diablo blade. The exclusive shock resistant TiCo Hi-Density Carbide formula will prevent wear and tear and ensures that the blade lasts for a longer time. There is also a Perma-Shield non-stick coating that will protect the blade from corrosion and resists heat.

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Freud D1244X Diablo 12-Inch Blade Features

  • The Freud D1244X Diablo comes with 40 ATB design of teeth. This means that they are alternate top bevel, which gives you smooth cuts.
  • The TiCo Hi-Density Carbide formula is exclusive to this blade and this will prevent wear and tear, while the Perma shield offers a nonstick coating to prevent corrosion and resist heat.
  • Quality laser cutting stabilizer vents that have been included in this model and this will reduce the vibration and the noise while minimizing any chances of warping.
  • The laser cut heat expansion slots on the Freud D1244X Diablo blade will allow the blade to expand, as a result of heat built up and this keeps the cuts straight and true.
  • The blade tips are durable as they are made of micro-grain titanium carbide that is known to ensure the cuts are razor sharp.

Forrest CM12806115 Chopmaster 12-Inch 80-tooth

best miter saw blade for woodForrest CM12806115 Chopmaster is a superior blade when it comes to the miter saw blades. This 12-inch miter saw blade has 80 teeth that are known to deliver smooth and accurate cuts. When you make a rip cut with this blade, it appears as if it is sanded and the cross cuts are defect free. If you love working in a conducive environment, then you will find this blade to be ideal as it runs quietly. When you are using this blade to make cuts on plywood, you will love the minimal tear out on the back side.

The Forrest CM12806115 Chopmaster is hand-made and the plate is tensioned by hand. The C-4 carbide teeth are also hand brazed to the blade and this is an assurance of longevity when working with this miter saw blade. Before any of the blades are brought to the market, it is straightened repeatedly and this is what gives the blade a good balance. The main reason I factored this to be the best miter saw blade is the fact that it works with sliding miter saw, chop saws and even radial arm saws. This versatility is what was appealing to me.

The high angle alternate tooth design, as well as the negative hook angle, will make this saw to work perfectly with sliding compound miter saws. The steel plate is heavier than you would find on most blades and this gives the blade great rigidity to ensure that you get true cuts. You can think of the Forrest CM12806115 Chopmaster as a useful tool to have in your workshop. This will be used for multiple uses and as such, it is classified as a universal saw blade, for general use.

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Forrest CM12806115 12-Inch blade Features

  • The Forrest CM12806115 Chopmaster blade is a 12-inch blade and has 80 teeth, which are quite effective in making different cuts.
  • The blade will have a smooth feed rate when it is making moderate crosscuts as well as ripping tasks.
  • It comes with a negative hook angle and high angle alternate tooth design to reduce the waste on each cut that is made.
  • With the Forrest CM12806115 Chopmaster blade, the bottom splintering on radial crosscuts is eliminated.
  • Due to the overall design of the blade teeth, you will be able to save about 1/3 wood loss on every cut you make.

How To Choose The Perfect Miter Saw Blade?

The fact that there are so many models of miter saw blades makes it a complicated matter to pick one. However, with proper guidance, this does not have to be difficult as you will know what you need to look for. There are a number of factors that you should consider in your search for the best miter saw blade. Here are some of these key considerations, to help you in choosing a good blade for your miter saw:

  • Construction MaterialBest Miter Saw Blade Reviews

The blades for the miter saw are made of different materials and as such, it is important to consider the specific material that has been used to make the blade. Most blades will be made of steel and these are known to be pricey, due to their durability. However, they also tend to become dull pretty fast. The carbide tipped blades are another durable option and far much better than the steel blades. If you have masonry and ceramic tiles projects, you will need blades with an industrial diamond finish.

  • Size of Blade

The other essential consideration when it comes to miter saw blades is the size of the blade. This is in reference to the thickness and the length of the blade. If you want sharp and fast cuts, then you need to pick a thin blade. However, if you a looking for one that will cut through tough applications and last for a long time, you should pick the thick blades. As far as the length goes, you have the option of picking blades from 5 to 12 inches, depending on the needs that you have.

  • Teeth Style

The type of teeth that your blade has is also a critical consideration as far as the choice of miter saw blades goes. For the larger cuts, you will need to pick a blade that comes with the fewer teeth and wider gaps. While at it, you need to look at the specific style of the teeth, which are quite a number. For instance, the flat top teeth are known to be perfect for ripping wood. If you want to make cross cuts and rip cuts, you will need top bevel teeth or combination of styles.

  • Hook Angle

Look at the hook angle of the blade when shopping for the right one. This refers to the angle between the edge of the tooth and the center of the blade. This is also referred to as the label of the blade. When the blade has a positive hook angle, then seems to want to grab toward the workpiece that is being cut.

  • Type of Miter Saw

There are different types of miter saws and as such, it is imperative to know that one that you have before buying a blade. There are specific blades that will only work with certain types of miter saws. This is a crucial consideration that will help you choose the right saw blade.

10 Safety Tips When Using Miter Saw Blade

Being able to buy the best miter saw blade means a great improvement to your overall work. You will be able to achieve smooth and clean cuts, with total precision. However, the improper use of miter saw blades can cause serious hazards. Here some safety tips for working with the miter saw blades:woodworking saw safety tips

  1. Start by ensuring that you have carefully read the manual of the miter saw so that you can operate it in the right manner.
  2. Depending on the type of cut that you are making, ensure that you have the right blade. There are specific blades that are used for special tasks like cutting non-ferrous metals.
  3. Always ensure that your blades are sharp as dull blades can be a disaster when you working with them
  4. Inspect the workpiece before you make attempts to cut with the miter saw blade. This is to be able to catch foreign objects that may damage the blade.
  5. Wear protective gear when working with the miter saw. This is to protect yourself from any possible incidents and dangers that may arise in the workshop.
  6. Always keep your eyes on the saw and your hands. If you lose concentration, this can be a serious death trap.
  7. Make it a habit to check the blade for any signs of defect or wear and tear. If the blade has cracked, chipped or has rust, replace it immediately.
  8. When you have to replace the blade, you should allow it to come to a complete stop and disconnect the miter saw from the power source.
  9. Keep the work surface clean and have a proper dust management system. This is a safety measure to ensure that you have good visibility at all times.
  10. Never operate your miter saw with a blade guard. This will cover the outer edge of the blade and as such, in the event of an accident, you will not land directly on the blade.

If you are looking for more information about How to safely replace a miter saw blade  go here right away –

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I buy a blade saw that has more teeth or fewer?

Woodworking saw related Frequently Asked Questions

A: If you are looking to have a smooth finish, then you will need a blade with more teeth. However, if want to make large cuts fast, you will need one with fewer teeth.

Q: Which type of blade should I use with my miter saw for ripping?

A: When it comes to ripping cuts, you will need to have a ripping blade. The choice of blade determines the quality of cuts that you will make.

Q: Can I use my miter saw blade to cut metal?

A: The key advantage of miter saws is that they are versatile and can be used to cut different materials. As such, you can cut metal will a miter saw, all you need is to have the right blade.

Q: Are miter saw blades same as circular saw blades?

A: There are some blades that will work for both circular saws as well as miter saws. However, the circular saw blades are known to provide high speeds and less waste material.

Q: Will my miter saw blade work with my table saw?

A: There is a very high possibility that a standard miter saw blade will work on table saws. However, there are some models of blades that are specially designed for a specific saw.

Final Recommendation:

Shopping around to find the right miter saw blade can be a challenging task. However, with this guide, this should be much easier as you have the right information that will lead you to pick the most suitable blade. From the models that I reviewed above, the DEWALT DW3128P5 would be my recommendation as the best miter saw blade. It comes as a pack of two blades, giving you great versatility. The information on this guide is valuable and it would be ideal if you can share it around with your loved one. Keep checking here for more updates on the miter saw blades and other power tools.

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