Top 5 Best Circular Saw For Beginners Reviews In 2022

Making use of a flexible, easy to use, and feature-loaded circular saw is of utmost importance to carry out any kind of wood cutting activities efficiently. Besides hammer, screwdrivers and an electric drill, keeping the best circular saw for beginners in your toolbox is essential.

Utilizing an electric circular saw can enable you to cut sheetrock, slice down thick woods, manufacture furniture, build a fence, etc. effectively. In today’s time, you can accomplish any wood cutting tasks in a quick time if you make use of the best corded circular saw.

You can get hold of a productive power circular saw for beginners in both the traditional and online market. However, without comprehensive knowledge, picking the right circular saw can get a bit difficult as there are several brands currently selling corded and cordless circular saws on the market. Hence, to save both your valuable time and energy, we have researched and reviewed a number of circular saws that are loaded with robust features. Check out the comprehensive guide, which consists of the current top-selling circular saws that are just perfect for beginners.

 Top 5 Best Circular Saw For Beginners  Of 2022

1. Dewalt 20 Volt Circular Saw 6 DCS391B

Dewalt 20 Volt Circular Saw 6 DCS391B

Want to get hold of the best cordless circular saw that offers great strength and has an incredibly lightweight and durable magnesium shoe? Then make a purchase of Dewalt 6 DCS391B Circular Saw, as there is no better alternative to it presently on the market.

You can carry out cutting activities in a precise way owing to the long-term cut accuracy feature. The classic circular saw is renowned for providing utmost jobsite durability to beginners.

Noticeable Features

  • Making the most demanding cuts with utmost ease is possible owing to the powerful 5150 RPM motor that has a 460 MWO.
  • The bevel capacity of the cordless circular saw offers precise bevel cuts (0-50 Degree) for a wide range of applications.
  • Due to the 6.5-inch carbide-tipped blade, cutting a material twice at different angles (45 & 90 Degree) is possible.
  • It has a well-optimized over-molded rubberized grip that offers excellent comfort, maximum balance and great control.
  • The superior strength and lightweight shoe made of Magnesium components offer cut accuracy and jobsite durability.
  • It is a highly productive battery-powered circular saw.

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Individuals who use Dewalt 6 DCS391B Circular Saw prefer it over other saws owing to the comfortable grip that offers optimal control and balance. People who have just started out carpentry or need to build a fence or deck primarily use this particular saw because the ultra-powerful motor renders maximum power and speed to execute challenging cutting tasks with ease. You will be able to drive fruitful results if you get your hands on the ergonomically designed and easy-to-use circular saw.

2. Makita Magnesium Hypoid Saw 5377

Makita Magnesium Hypoid Saw 5377

If you are looking for a circular saw that is exceptionally lightweight and empowers a user to carry out woodcutting activities efficiently, then make a purchase of Makita 5377 Magnesium Hypoid Saw.

The brand Makita has manufactured the circular saw in an innovative way by making optimal use of Magnesium. It is one of the most durable and evenly balanced saws currently you will find on the market.

Noticeable Features

  • Makita 5377 Hypoid Saw has a robust 15.0 AMP motor that delivers 4500 RPM
  • The retractable hook of the saw permits it to remain close by.
  • It has a built-in fan, and well-sealed gear housing, which ensures the surface of the saw remain coated with oil.
  • Due to the presence of relatively large levers made of rubber, making fast and one-handed adjustments of the saw is possible.
  • The Hypoid saw offers appropriate fit and optimal control owing to the handle that has a rubber grip.
  • It offers exceptionally high cutting capacity 2-3/8” at 90 Degree and as well as huge bevel capacity with positive stops at different angles – 22.5 Degrees, 45 Degrees and 51.5 Degrees.
  • The saw has an attached blade range that offers fast and suitable blade changing.

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The majority of the beginners who have purchased the circular saw find using it extremely easy owing to the durable, well-balanced and lightweight nature of the saw made of Magnesium components. Users are also able to make precise cuts only because of the precision-machined hypoid gears that offer more surface contact, and eventually, more power gets transported over a broader surface. You can bring home Makita 5377 Hypoid Saw that has a well-coated framing blade, which facilitates in maximizing cutting performance.

3. SKILSAW Southpaw SPT67M8-01 Circular Saw

SKILSAW Southpaw SPT67M8-01 Circular Saw

Are you in search of a highly productive circular saw that has a blade on the left-hand side? Then you should get hold of SKILSAW Southpaw SPT67M8-01 Circular Saw. Individuals who make use of the Best Worm Drive Saw can view and make accurate cuts conveniently.

The weight of the saw is incredibly light owing to the sturdy complete-magnesium construction, which even aids in evaporating heat that comes out from the motor of the saw.

Noticeable Features

  • SKILSAW Southpaw Circular Saw has a top-grade dual-field and robust 15 AMP motor.
  • The left blade assists in making accurate cuts with the utmost visibility.
  • The motor heat gets dissipate entirely due to all-magnesium construction.
  • It has a 10 feet long cord that prevents snagging while carrying out cutting and ripping activities.
  • The circular saw has a large cutting capacity with positive stop within (0-45 Degree) angles.
  • It has an on-tool multiple function wrench for brush and blade alterations.
  • The Southpaw Sidewinder Circular Saw has a 24-tooth carbide SKILLSAW blade.

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The majority of the users prefer utilizing this particular saw not just for its weight, which is extremely light but also for the significant motor heat reducing capacity. The 7-1/4 inches sidewinder circular saw, which features the blade on the left side, improves visibility and accuracy. The sturdy and feature-loaded plug-in circular saw can come to your rescue significantly every time you require carrying out cutting activities.

4. DEWALT Flexvolt Circular Saw DCS577B

DEWALT Flexvolt Circular Saw DCS577B

Looking for the Best Compact Circular Saw that has a brushless motor, which aids in maximizing runtime and offers precise and seamless cuts? Then there is no better alternative to DEWALT Flexvolt Circular Saw. Currently, on the market, you won’t get a more efficient battery-powered circular saw that empowers you carrying out just about any cutting task hassle-free. 

Noticeable Features

  • It has a premium quality LED light that improves visibility and enables a user to make accurate cuts.
  • The circular saw is made of top-grade Magnesium show, which makes the battery-powered tool more durable and lightweight.
  • The electronic one-push brake aids in stopping the blade instantly post the release of the trigger.
  • You can conveniently hang the saw in between your work owing to the presence of a rafter hook.
  • The saw has a bevel capacity of 53 Degree with positive stops at 45 Degree and 22.5 Degree.
  • The built-in dust blower facilitates users to remove dust and clear the line of sight while carrying out cutting activities.

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The majority of the users enjoy using DEWALT DCS577B Flexvolt Circular Saw because it aids immensely in carrying out a wide variety of wood cutting applications. You can use the highly productive framing saw to cut to a depth of 2-7/16 inches at an angle of 90 Degree. The worm drive style circular saw (60 Volt Max) offers up to 2400 max watts out in an effective way.

5. Milwaukee M18 Cordless Circular Saw

Milwaukee M18 Cordless Circular Saw

How about owning a highly durable battery-powered circular saw that offers you a relatively high degree of versatility while making cuts? Get hold of the Milwaukee M18 Circular Saw to accomplish all cutting and ripping tasks in an efficient way. Currently, this is considered to be the best circular saw for beginners owing to its lightweight, compact and ergonomic design.

Noticeable Features

  • The circular saw has an electric brake that stops the rotating blade instantly once you are done making a cut.
  • Even in wet and humid conditions, you can work executing cutting tasks with utmost comfort owing to the presence of rubberized grip handle.
  • You can utilize the saw to adjust the depth up to 1 ½ inch.
  • You can keep your power tool safe even in the most demanding environments because the top and bottom of the blade have magnesium guards that ensure maximum protection to the saw.
  • You can view the remaining battery charge owing to the on-board fuel gauge.
  • The Milwaukee M18 Cordless Circular Saw has a 24-tooth carbide blade.

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It is the Best Mini Circular Saw that aids you in making accurate cuts efficiently without any hassle. Most of the users prefer using the cordless circular saw because it has a heavy-duty lithium-ion battery (18 Volt), which offers top-grade power and robustness. The battery-powered saw is compatible with M18 Lithium-ion batteries. You can effectively cut the toughest surfaces owing to the presence of a superior carbide blade. Get hold of the powerful tool to accomplish different kinds of cutting tasks successfully.

Top Factors To Consider To Get Your Hands On The Right Circular Saw

These days, owing to the significant technological advancements, besides the traditional market, an extensive range of electric and battery-powered circular saws are widely available on the digital market. Getting hold of the ideal circular saw out of myriads options can be a bit intimidating for you if you have little to no idea about the essential features.

Only when you keep the vital factors in mind, getting your hands on the perfect circular saw becomes more convenient. Read on the following to acquire knowledge about the key factors comprehensively.

Material Of Blade

Ensure you choose a saw that has a highly durable blade so that it can rip through a relatively hard substance with utmost ease without getting broken. You will drive significant benefits if the saw you purchase has a carbide-tipped blade. Apart from cutting wood, you can even execute ripping metal sheets if the saw boasts an ultra-sharp and sturdy carbide blade.

Size Of Blade

Make sure that the circular saw you are going to purchase has a relatively large cutting blade. When a circular saw has a larger blade, cutting thicker and robust material can be performed efficiently.

Flexibility Of Blade

You will be able to make cuts as per your requirements only when the blade of the saw is flexible and adjustable. You have to consider the adjustability factor while making a purchase of a circular saw.


You won’t be able to leverage a circular saw for an extended period if you do not bother checking the durability of the blade and as well as the other parts. Make sure that you get hold of a circular saw, the top and bottom of which are entirely made of Magnesium. A well-designed circular saw that has a premium quality blade and sturdy components can aid you to carry out cutting activities consistently for a significant number of hours. 


Keep in mind that if you choose a circular saw that offers greater power, you will gain stronger cutting capacity effectively. Try to get your hands on a corded or cordless circular saw that has a 15 AMP motor.


To accomplish all cutting tasks efficiently, you have to purchase an evenly balanced and lightweight circular saw. Try to get hold of an all-magnesium coated saw that is incredibly lightweight and easy to carry around.

What Is The Best Circular Saw for Beginners?

All the circular saws that we have reviewed and listed above are currently the top-selling ones on the market. You can execute cutting tasks effortlessly by making use of any of the top circular saws. However, if you still want to go with our recommendations, then without delaying any further, get your hands on either Makita 5377 Magnesium Hypoid Saw or DEWALT DCS577B Flexvolt Circular Saw. Both the circular saws are loaded with robust and innovative features. You can achieve the best results using either of the two recommended circular saws. You do not have to worry about the maintenance of the saw owing to the presence of the oil bath technology.

Final Words

Although all the circular chainsaws that are listed in the above part can be your ideal weapon, yet when it comes to carrying out wood or metal sheet cutting activities effectively, the recommended two circular saws have no better alternative. We have highlighted the striking features of all the best circular saw for beginnersin a comprehensive way so that you can make your final decision without wasting much valuable time and pick the right circular saw that meets all your needs perfectly.

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