Best Cabinet Table Saw Reviews For The Professional Woodworkers

Best Cabinet Table SawBe it that you are the professional contractor or a hobbyist who loves woodwork, getting the best cabinet table saw will have loads of advantages. The cabinet saw is not like the other models, which are easy to carry around and as such, it is imperative to ensure that you have enough space for this tool.

These saws derive the name from their bases, which are in the form of a cabinet. They come loaded with so many features like safety features, dust collection, fencing and accident prevention among others.

These are models that are designed to give you exceptional performance when it comes to making different types of cuts. Due to their stable nature, you will be able to achieve a whole lot of accuracy and precision, improving the quality of your woodwork.

For most people, the biggest nightmare is having to choose the cabinet saw that will serve their needs effectively. You do not have to worry about this as I have researched and narrowed down to the top 5 models that are best rated on the market.

Benefits of The Cabinet Saw:

For any woodworker, a cabinet saw is a must-have tool as it will give you exceptional performance. This ranks as the best table saw as it is quite stable and can be able to cut through tough workpieces, effortlessly. You will also notice that it is quieter than the other types of saws.

The biggest benefit is the fact that they are heavy and big, which means that they will not wobble when you are using them. There is a definite assurance of achieving clean and accurate cuts.

The saw comes with a powerful motor, but it has the capacity to contain the vibration, which ensures that your settings remain intact.

These are the saw that is known to have a solid construction and as such, they are quite durable. Without any bias, the cabinet saw is far much better than any other type of table saw that you may come across on the market.

You will enjoy the fact that you can be able to cut through all manner of hardwoods without any difficulty. Most of the features are quite advanced and this explains, why they are more expensive. Once you find the best cabinet table saw, you will appreciate all that it offers and realize that it is worth the high price.

Best Cabinet Table Saw On The Market 2022

Whether you shop physically, or online, you will realize that there are so many different cabinet saws. This can be quite overwhelming for anyone who is looking for the best cabinet table saw. Here is a review of some of the top rated models, to help you get an idea of what you need to look for when getting your own.

1. Powermatic PM1000 1791000K Table Saw 30-Inch Fence

Powermatic cabinet table saw reviewsPowermatic PM100 is one of the kind saw and it is known to be one of the best choices on the market. It needs 115 volts to run and this means that you can easily use it at home, without having to cause a surge in your power bills.

This classic saw is made of cast iron, which is an assurance of durability as well as sturdiness. There is a clear line that demarcates the dust port and blade guard. As such, the dust produced will be cleared easily, giving you good visibility.

There is a convenient emergency power button, which you can easily hit to stop the saw and prevent accidents. This model runs on a 1-3/4HP motor, which is powerful and has a poly v-belt.

This is the main reason why the motor is efficient as it will reduce the vibration on the table saw and ensure all the cuts are accurate. The tool-less guard assembly is one of kind as you will not need any tools to assemble it. The miter gauge can pivot up to 60 degrees, to the left or right.

The main reason why people buy a cabinet table saw it to get accurate cuts. The Powermatic PM100 lives up to its name as it comes with a 30-inch Accu-fence system. This will give you adequate workspace and also ensures that you have the great stability to achieve precise cuts.

The cam clamp is a feature that will allow you to make fast and swift changes on your saw. This is a great option to consider as it is relatively cheaper than the other models, yet it is quite efficient.

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Powermatic pm1000 Core Features

  • It comes with a powerful motor of 1 3/4HP, which allows you to cut through different sizes of boards.
  • This saw requires only 115 volts of power to run and as such, you have nothing to worry about the cost of energy going up.
  • It is a durable tool that is made of cast iron, which is strong and sturdy.
  • There is a power switch, which is conveniently placed to be operated without the hands and prevent any accidents.
  • The saw has a clear path between the blade surround and the collection hose, which makes the process of dust collection efficient.

2. Grizzly G0690 Cabinet Table Saw with Riving Knife, 10-Inch

Grizzly Cabinet Table SawThe Grizzly G0690 is a great tool to have as it just needs the standard 220V power sources. It has a powerful 3 HP motor and also has a riving knife, which makes it an ideal tool for both professional as well as DIY projects.

The base is totally enclosed and has a very large dust collection port. This makes the process of getting rid of the dust fast and efficient. This will keep you safe as you will have both hands on the workpiece. On the front and one side, there are metal hand wheels.

A closer look at the saw, you will notice that it has a power box on the front side with a green button to start the tool. There is also a red button, which is an emergency stop that will bring the model to a complete stop, in the event of an emergency.

There is the advantage of being able to work with dado blades on this model. The maximum capacity is determined by the type of blade that you are using at any particular time. Ideally, you can be able to cut deep to 3 1/8 inches at an angle of 90 degrees.

You will also love the extension bench that the table saw has as it will allow you to cut longer workpieces, effortlessly. The table is made of cast iron and this is a guarantee that you will use it for a very long time. It comes with a camlock T-fence to enhance the accuracy of the cuts that you will be making.

The riving knife has a quick release mechanism, which makes the adjustment quite easy and fast. Every component of this model is of exceptional quality and you can be sure that it will be ideal for your purpose.

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Grizzly Cabinet Table Saw Core Features

  • The table saw runs on a standard power of 220 volts, which is convenient as it means that it will not inflate your power bill.
  • While the depth of the cut is determined by the type of blade that you have, the standard depth cut is 3 1/8 inch at a 90-degree angle.
  • This saw has a very powerful motor 3HP and has an arbor speed of 4300 RPM.
  • It is one of the models with a riving knife and also has a maximum rip capacity of 29 ½ inches.
  • The table has a 4 foot dust collection port and is made of cast iron, making it quite durable.

3. Shop Fox W1819 3 HP 10-Inch Table Saw with Riving Knife

Shop Fox W1819 3 HP 10-Inch Table Saw with Riving KnifeFrom whichever angle you choose to look at this cabinet saw, you will be amazed at its solid quality. It has a 3 HP leeson motor, which is supported by the triple belt drive. The table saw is built to serve you for the rest of your life since it is made of cast iron and also comes with a wide range of features that make it versatile.

There is a T-slot miter gauge, which has a fence extension as well as a flip stop. This is a way of ensuring that all the cuts that you make are precise and clean.

The camlock T-fence is also another thing that you will appreciate this table saw. This will give you the support that you need to be able to guide your workpiece through the blade and make accurate cuts. The maximum rip capacity is 29 ½ inches and this means that you can cut through wide boards easily.

There is a riving knife, which moves up and down, allowing you to tilt the blade movement. With a dust collection unit of 4 inches, you should be able to carry out your tasks, without any visual distraction from the debris.

The safety features on this model are also part of the reason why it ranks as the best cabinet table saw. It comes with anti-kickback pawls that are placed on the sided of the spreader.

There is a blade guard system as well made of polycarbonate shield, which is clear. As such, you will be able to see the blade as it carries out its operations. There are wings and huge trunnions, which are made of cast iron, and this will go a long way in enhancing the longevity of the table saw.

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Shop fox table saw Core Features

  • High quality table saw made of ground and polished cast iron and also have trunnions made of cast iron as well.
  • The riving knife comes with a quick release mechanism and is able to move up and down, to allow for tilt movement of the blade,
  • The magnetic switch on this model is quite useful as it comes with thermal overload protection.
  • There is an adjustable T-slot miter gauge that comes with a flip stop and anodized fence extension for longer boards.
  • The T-fence has a positive camlock, which helps in enhancing the accuracy of the cuts that are made.

4. JET 708675PK XACTASAW Deluxe 3-Horsepower, 1Ph, 50-Inch Rip Fence

JET Deluxe 3 Horsepower best cabinet table sawJET 708675PK XACTA SAW Deluxe is a great tool to have in your workshop. This table saw come with a 50 inch rip fence, a 3 HP motor and 1Ph, among other innovative features. This is one of the largest models that you will come across and it has a table that is made of precision ground and polished cast iron.

The riving knife with a quick release mechanism has an integrated arbor lock that will ensure that the operation is safe. If you are keen on accuracy and smooth operation, then this would be the perfect model to pick.

This is a powerful table saw and comes with a cabinet base that is fully enclosed. In addition, the cabinet has a built-in drawer that is sealed and can be used to store tools. With a table surface that measures 29 x 42 inches, and has extensions, you will be able to get ample space to accommodate even the large jobs.

The wide stance base is what gives the table great stability and when using it, the trunnion system will reduce the vibration to almost none. The operating system is mounted to the cabinet, which is quite convenient and simplifies the task.

The miter slot is easy to align and the blade will also be aligned without a problem. It has hand wheels that are made of cast iron and this will help you achieve precise height adjustment. The hand wheels have a diameter of 8 inches, which is easy to handle.

The worm gear drives are machine operated and this will give you accurate cuts. The left tilting design has been made in that way such that the blade can tilt away from the fence when you are making bevel cuts.

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Jet Cabinet Caw Core Features

  • The cabinet saw comes with a fully enclosed cabinet that has a sealed drawer, which is inbuilt and can be used for storage of small tools and accessories.
  • The riving knife has a quick release mechanism, which goes a long way in reducing the kickback and binding risks.
  • The left tilt design is convenient and enhances your safety as the blade will tilt away from the fence when cutting bevels.
  • The poly V drive belt system is fully responsible for the smooth operation and exceptional functionality.
  • There is a wide stance trunnion system, which is heavy duty and this gives you easy blade positioning and stability.

5. SawStop PCS31230-TGP252 3-HP Professional Cabinet Saw

SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw l SawStop PCS312230-TGP252 is a cabinet saw that has a motor with 3 horsepower. This is a table saw that is considered to be for the professional woodworkers and will not disappoint the users. With a 52-inch T-glide fence system, you will be able to slide the work piece guiding it to the blade easily.

The rails and the extension table are designed to make it easier for you to make cuts on longer boards and stocks that you may wish to cut. This is one model that has been designed to perfection to give you an easy time ripping through wood.

The true vertical elevation gives you the platform to get accurate cuts. You can actually use this table saw to make repeated cuts consistently and this is why it is ideal for professional tasks. This tool will give you peace of mind as you will be fully aware that you are getting quality performance, without a compromise on your safety.

This is a dependable cabinet table saw and has been built to last. The trunnion is the heaviest on the market and also comes with extra thick arbors of any saw that are 10 inches.

The T-glide fence is made of high-quality steel, which is quite thick. This is what gives you a smooth operation and also gives you a large work surface. The lockdown is a sure way to make sure that the workpiece stays clamped down, the whole time.

The fact that it runs on the pol v-ribbed belts gives the table adequate power and has the capacity to reduce the vibration. This is a great cabinet saw for professional contractors as it will be able to make the work of making heavy-duty cuts much easier.

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Sawstop cabinet saw Core Features

  • This is a professional saw, with a 3 HP motor and heavy-duty trunnions.
  • There is a 52-inch T-glide fence system on this table saw, which will give you a smooth operation and accurate cuts.
  • There are rails that have been included, which you can use to hold the boars in place and also attach the extension table to get more workspace.
  • The SawStop safety system is designed in such a manner that the tool will come to an immediate stop when it comes into contact with the skin.
  • There are two hand wheels on the front and one side of this saw, which allow you to make height adjustments conveniently.

Things to Consider When Buying a Cabinet Saw

Shopping for the best cabinet table saw can be an exciting experience. However, if you do not know what to look for, you may end up frustrated. In a bid to make this easier for you I have together some of the crucial things to consider when you are buying your cabinet saw.Best Table Saw for the Money

Motor Horsepower

The horsepower of the motor is an integral consideration. In most cases, the cabinet saws will have motors that have a horsepower of 1 to 5.

The choice of the motor will be influenced by the type of work that you intend to do. If you have heavy duty cutting, you may want to consider motors with a higher horsepower.

Construction Material

Cabinet saws are not cheap and as such, you need to think of it as a long-term investment. Check the material that has been used in the construction of the cabinet saw.

Look at the specific material used in the cabinet. The best option is one that is made of cast iron as this gives the tool the stability that it requires and will hardly chip or get dents.

Blade Set up

You need to understand how long it will take you to set up the blade or change it. There are brands that support tool-less blade assembly, which allows you to make changes and adjustments with your hands, and takes very little time.

Safety Features

These are the ones referred to as accident prevention features. While the cabinet saw is raised for the efficiency in making cuts, it is also quite dangerous and can cause serious injuries. As such, it is essential to pick a model that have the safety features of flesh detection and emergency stop.

The emergency stop should be conveniently placed such that you can easily hit it with any part of the body to prevent accidents. It would be safe to find a tool that also has anti-kickback features.


Cabinet saws are not light like the other models and are usually portable. You should ensure that you have a permanent place that you have designated for this saw.

Some weigh up to 600 pounds and the most important thing is to ensure that it comes with the weight that gives it adequate heft to prevent shaking.


The blade is the most important part of any saw, as it is responsible for cutting. You need to look at the type of blade that your model comes with.

There are some brands that will allow you to install the blade to your liking. Ensure that you have the right size of blade and most importantly you need to have a tool that can support different blades, to make it versatile.


While you may assume that this is not an important feature, you should actually not buy a model that does not have the t-fence. It is true that there are other types of fences that can work with the saw, but the t-fence allows you to make different types of cuts.

Dust Collection Port

You will definitely need a dust collection unit on your saw. Different models will have it either at the front or at the back. This will take in all the dust and clear the work surface. This is a safety measure as well as it will give you a clear sight of the blade and the workpiece.

Cabinet Saw Safety Tips:

Studies show that the table saw is one of the most dangerous tools and causes a great number of injuries, every year. As such, besides focusing on the accuracy of the cuts, you need to be keen on your safety. When you get the best cabinet table saw, you need to follow these tips to enhance your safety:Cabinet Table Saw reviews

  1. Start by reading the instructions in the owner’s manual. I know it is a common trend for most people to throw away the manual. However, for your own safety, make a point of reading all the instructions so as to ensure that you are safe.
  2. Always wear safety equipment for your protection, when using the tool. Some people are so excited and focused on the work and end up forgetting personal safety. Wear safety goggles, earplugs and hard hat among others.
  3. Maintain the saw in a perfect condition and always tune it up before using it. This is a sure way to give you a smooth operation and enhance personal safety. For instance, you should always be keen to make sure that the blade is sharp.
  4. The working area should always be clean and free of any debris. You should make it a habit to clear up any debris that you have cut off. Check the dust collection port to ensure that it is working as this will help you in eradicating the dust.
  5. Use the right type of blade and always go for high quality ones. The blade is a critical part of the table saw and this will determine the type of results that you will get. Before buying blades, be sure that your tool can support them.
  6. Hold the stock against the surface of the table and the fence using featherboards. This is will reduce any chances of kickback and will give you a true cut.
  7. The blade guard and splitters are some of the safety equipment that comes with these saws and you should make it a habit to always use them.
  8. If you need to cut very thin pieces, you should use the zero clearance inserts. This will help in providing necessary support all the way to the edge of the blade.
  9. Push sticks and push blocks are other table saw accessories that will prevent injuries. These are the tools that
  10. will ensure that you have a safe distance between your fingers and the blade. With the push devices, you can support the stock comfortable to ensure that you have clean cuts.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I maintain my cabinet saw?Woodworking saw related Frequently Asked Questions

A: Maintenance of the table saw is quite imperative and you should do this by regular cleaning. You should look out for parts that need to be replaced and can also use this time to extract the dust from the collection port.

Q: What causes the motor to slow down when cutting a light load?

A: There are a number of causes that may force the motor to slow down. One common one is the using the wrong power cord, which makes the saw get insufficient power. Using a dull blade is also a possible cause or when you have a defect in the motor itself.

Q: Do I need a table saw stand for the cabinet saw?

A: No, you will not need a stand because the cabinet saw have a base that is in the form of a cabinet. This is a table and will be the surface that you use for cutting purposes of your stock. Some models will even come with table extension to give you more work surface.

Q: What is making the overload to trip on my cabinet saw?

A: The overload is meant to be a protection system for the motor and it will trip when there is a problem detected. For instance, if there is an electrical circuit or the motor is overheating, this may cause the overload unit to trip.

Q: Should I lubricate the motor?

A: Hardly would you need to lubricate the motor as most of them are lubricated and sealed at the factory. However, you can lubricate the pivot points and even at this point, you need to use dry lubricants, which will not hold dust.

Final Recommendation:

While it may appear like a tedious process, finding the right cabinet saw will be quite rewarding. On this guide, I have covered all the necessary details that you will need to know about these tools.

Both professional and hobbyists will find the cabinet saws to be quite useful as it allows them to make accurate cuts easily. The biggest challenge for most people is to find the right model and this is why I took the time to come up with this guide.

From the top rated saws I have reviewed, I advocate for the Grizzly G0690 Cabinet Table Saw with Riving Knife as the best cabinet table saw.

This is a tool that has all the relevant features that will make it possible to achieve different cuts easily. If this guide has been of great help to you, please feel free to share it around with your friends and loved ones.

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