Top 5 Best Benchtop Bandsaw Reviews in 2022

Band saws are a useful industrial machine that helps in cutting woods, metals, and several other materials quickly and precisely. The difficult angles can be carved out of these hard materials minus any effort with the help of the band saws.

The latest benchtop band saws are perfect for those who are looking for easy to transport band saws at reasonable rates. You will find several varieties of benchtop metal band saws and benchtop horizontal band saws in the market. However, the followings are some of the best benchtop Band saws that you can find online.

Top 5 Best Benchtop Bandsaw Reviews in 2022

1. WEN 3959 2.5-Amp 9-Inch Bench-top Band-Saw

No matter if you are cutting metals or wood planks, using the right tool is always the key to having the level of perfection.

If you are looking for the best cordless band saw that can cut the metal pieces or the wood pieces precisely and neatly, opting for this advanced band saw machines would be a smart move. Made of sturdy material, this machine is sure to last long.

This one comes with a very sharp blade that helps in cutting the metals as well as wood pieces neatly enough, leaving no room for complaint. Also, the 2.5 amp motor helps in rotating the blade for 2500 feet every minute.

Surely this specification makes this machine one of the fastest and smoothest of all varieties available in the market. What makes this machine smarter is the precise and sleek shape of it.

Moreover, it can be installed minus any hassle on the benchtop that ensures that you do not have to look for a separate space to accommodate this machine. This easy to operate, and the advanced device can be easily placed anywhere inside a house, warehouse, or factory. No matter what the area of the workplace is, this machine can find a corner for itself to work anywhere.

Key Features Of The WEN 3959 2.5-Amp 9-Inch Bench-top Band-Saw

  • Product dimension: 19X 14.1 X 29 inches
  • Weight: 40 pounds
  • The 2.5 amp motor that helps rotate the blade up to 2500 feet every minute makes it the best band saw for the money
  • This one can create cuts up to 9 inches wide and 3-1/2 inches deep
  • This band saw machine uses 59-1/2 inch blades ranging between the sizes 1/8 and 3/8 inches
  • It comes with a spacious worktable of 12-1/4 x 11-7/8 inch capable of bevels up to 45 degrees
  • Includes a 2-1/2 inch dust port, 1/4-inch-wide blade, a miter gauge, a rip fence, and a two-year warranty

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2. POWERTEC BS900 9 Inch Bench Top Band Saw

POWERTEC BS900 9 Inch Bench Top Band Saw

For a precise cutting and perfect angles, you can depend on this latest benchtop band saw that comes equipped with several advanced features. Besides the brand faith of Powertec, it also comes with a blade that is capable of piercing through the hard metal surfaces and coarse wood surfaces, which are the most difficult to cut with precision and perfection.

When it comes to the looks of the machine, it is urban, sleek, and appealing. Apart from demanding a little space in the corner of your warehouse, office, or room, this one offers a smart appearance that makes to look modern.

This machine can be operated easily even by first-time users. Going through the user manual thoroughly is all that is required to run the machine efficiently.

If you are bothered about the unusual twists and turns of the design of the furniture or any other product made of wood or metal, this machine can make your task easier and hassle-free. With this machine, you can practically cut out pieces of wood and metals of any angle or shape. Even the most unusual and difficult shapes can be carved with this machine, effortlessly.

Key Features Of The POWERTEC Bench Top Band Saw BS900 9 Inch 

  • This machine comes with a miter gauge, a BS900 110 Volt 9” band saw, and a 1/4” x 62-inch band saw blade
  • It offers precision cut for even the most unusual shapes and angles
  • It can cut pieces of wood, metals and other materials of up to 9 inches wide and 3-5/8 inches deep
  • It can rip lumber into thinner pieces
  • The patented blade guard adjustment of this machine allows a quick and hassle-free blade replacement
  • To keep the work area clean and dust-free, this machine comes with a 2” dust port and a blade tracking window
  • This machine comes with a racked table with pinion adjustment that allows for an easy 45-degree tilt
  • It comes with a powerful ½ HP, 2. 5 amp motor that makes it the best benchtop Bandsaw
  • for wood cutting assignments

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3. Rikon 10-305 Band Saw With Fence, 10-Inch

 Rikon 10-305 Band Saw With Fence, 10-Inch

While most of the benchtop band saw manufacturers prefer plastic for making the body of the machine, this one comes made of sturdy steel.

Therefore, this machine is undoubtedly more durable and robust than the others made of plastic and is a perfect choice for those who are looking for a benchtop band was that would last longer.

Also, this machine features a table made of cast iron that adds to its durability and strength. The table comes with a dimension of 13.75 X 12.5 inches, which is a substantial size for a band saw machine of this size. The removable rip fence makes it easier to work with hands as and when needed. T

he precise shape of the machine supports an easy installation as it does not require specially arranged space to keep the machine.

The best part about this machine is that it comes with a power-packed motor that supports the blade to function optimally. No matter if you are planning to cut the wood planks or hard metals, this machine can make your task easier and hassle-free. Also, this machine is easy to operate and maintain.

Key Features Of The Rikon Band Saw 10-305, 10-Inch

  • This machine is a scale down version of the earlier and popular 10-305, 10-345, and 10-325 models.
  • The frame of this machine is made of steel plate that makes it more durable than the devices made of plastic frames commonly by other manufactures
  • The work table is made of cast Iron with dimension 13-3/4-Inch X 12-1/2-Inch.
  • The work surface is sturdy, a feature, atypical for band saws of this variety
  • It comes with a quality rip fence now a day that can be removed quickly to perform free handwork
  • The machine features a 1/3HP motor that offers adequate power for cutting pen blanks and bowl
  • It comes with a smart, adjustable guide post feature that allows the user to lower the height of the guide post just by turning a handle

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4. WEN 3975T 4-7/8-inch x 5-inch Metal-Cutting Bench-top Band Saw

WEN 3975T 4-7/8-inch x 5-inch Metal-Cutting Bench-top Band Saw

If buying one of the smartest and most precise band saws is on your mind, this one can be your one-stop solution. With almost next to no new place required for placing this machine, it can be used by people with big warehouses and well as small ones. Hence, the size of your workplace is never going to be a concern as far as this machine is concerned.

Another aspect that makes this machine a perfect choice, is its weight. Weighing merely 54.6 pounds, this machine can be relocated from one place to another without much hassle or lending hands.

Also, the precise dimension of this machine ensures that this equipment will ask for not much than just a humble corner to be placed. What makes this machine an investment-friendly one is the two years warranty that it comes with.

It is one of the easiest to operate. The sharp, well-built, and durable blade of this band saw runs, and 60 degrees can be done effortlessly with this machine that comes with a beveling blade. The rectangular, broad base offers stability during operation and a firm grip.

The powerful motor of this machine helps in the precision cut without any fuss. The blade speed adjustability feature allows this machine to work according to the variety of material being cut. For woods and metals, you can choose the best blade speed level separately for optimal output.

Key Features Of The WEN Benchtop metal Band Saw 3975T 4-7/8-inch x 5-inch Metal-Cutting 

  • For precise and flawless cutting, the speed of the blade can be adjusted between 125 to 260 feet per minute  which ensures that every metal can be cut perfectly with this machine
  • The beveling blade of this machine helps to create cuts anywhere between 0 and 60 degrees
  • With this machine, the user can cut rectangular materials up to 5 x 4-7/8 inches in size, or the pipes up to a diameter of 5 inches
  • The compact design of this machine allows for easy transportation and storage
  • This machine comes with a two-year warranty

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5. SKIL 3386-01 120-Volt 9-Inch Band Saw with Light

SKIL 3386-01 120-Volt 9-Inch Band Saw with Light

Probably the lightest of all the best benchtop bandsaws available in the market, this one weighing only 16.51 pounds is a utilitarian band saw with multiple utilities.

If you are looking for a perfect portable band saw for your warehouse that you could transport without any hassle, this one is going to be your first choice. However, there is no need to think that the lightweight has anything to do with the features it comes with.

The best part is, this lightweight band saw comes packed with all the advanced features. The precise shape is what makes it one of the most utilitarian for those who need to carry the machine from time to time. Besides having a rip fence that helps in straight and flawless cutting, the articulating LED light makes this machine a smart one.

The ½ inch dust port keeps the work area wholly dust-free and reduces the efforts of the user to keep the workplace clean. The rack and the pinion table can be adjusted to get the perfect height supportive of precision cutting. With the help of a simple handle, this adjustment can be made.

Key Features Of The SKIL Band Saw 3386-01 120-Volt 9-Inch with Light

  • This machine comes with a rip fence for accurate and straight cuts
  • The 6 TPI band saw blade of this machine cuts through a wide diversity of wood varieties
  • For a better view of the workpiece cut line, this machine comes with an articulating LED work light
  • It features a 1.5-inch dust port which helps in keeping the work area free from dust
  • It comes with a pinion table and rack adjustment for height adjustments and a quick angle
  • It comes with a powerful motor for precision cutting

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What is the best benchtop band saw?

Almost all of the band saws listed above are perfect for cutting a range of metals and wood material. However, choosing the best one is a little tricky from all these excellent products.

We think Rikon 10-305 Band saw With Fence, 10-Inch is the best benchtop bandsaw amongst all of these. Here are some of the features that make it the best one. Working with band saw would be more comfortable and hassle-free if you would choose the machine meticulously, keeping certain essential aspects in mind.

  • It has a steel body which is durable unlike a plastic body
  • It comes with a rip fence that makes working with it clean and dust-free
  • The powerful motor of the machine allows precision cutting of metals as well as wood materials
  • The smart and adjustable guide post makes it easy to operate
  • It does not require much place to get accommodated and also is reasonably priced
  • It comes with a sturdy workplace surface

Final Verdict

The market has several options to choose from. No matter what your budget or requirement is, you will find enough varieties of benchtop band saws in the market.

Check the best band saw reviews before you settle for one to make sure that every penny spent gets its worth. Compare the features of the band saws available in the market to know the ones with the most advanced operations and the most reasonable rates.

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