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I am a professional woodworker and I am glad that you found some time to stop by my site. I am the brains behind Best Saw Reviews.  I have great experience in using a number of cutting saws and different tools and as such, you will get to learn so much about these tools. By making this site a regular stopover, you can be sure that you will gather so much relevant information and become like a pro in using the tools safely.

I will also show you how to get the best tools on the market. I continually increase my scope so that I can be able to give you the best and verifiable information. This is the right place for both beginners as well as those who have advanced in their woodworking skills. Giving quality information and empowering my clients is what gives me the best satisfaction.


This started out as a hobby, which I picked from dad and now has turned out to be my career. I have a degree in woodworking, with my specialty being in joinery, cutting and finish. I attended Red Rocks Community College in Arvada, CO, where I enrolled at The Fine Woodworking Department, which is the 2nd largest program for woodworkers, in the nation.

I have advanced in woodworking tools and my interests are inclined towards cutting tools and more importantly saws. I continue to advance my education by the day so as to keep up with the modern techniques and trends in the wood working industry. In my pursuit to get the best education, I have taken up a couple of professional certificate programs including artisan, joinery, craftsman, and wood tuning as well as woodworking fundamentals, among others.

Work Experience

Initially, I started out with simple DIY tasks in my garage and loved what I was doing. I worked with quite a number of companies and rose in the ranks. I have 18 years’ experience in the professional woodworking industry and have become of the most reputable experts in the industry. I am a top consultant for leading woodwork companies and continue to share my skills and experience with everyone that I come across to. I have advanced skills in carpentry, joinery, cabinetmaking, wood science, finishing techniques as well as woodwork safety.

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