25 Must Have House Remodeling Tools

Must-Have Tools For Home RemodelingWho doesn’t dream of living in a better place? A little change will bring great joy to our lives. This is where the idea of home improvement, home renovation, or remodeling comes in the picture.

With a small renovation, either indoor or outdoor, or with other improvements to the property, you can bring change or add style with ease. But any change related to your home has cost implications. And most of it goes to a contractor’s (plumber, electrician, or carpenter) pocket. However, if you’re a DIYer, you can save that to a large extent.

Again, to do-it-yourself, you need some specialized tools. And it’s tough to select the right one from the aisle of different devices. From our experience, we come here to share some ideas about the most necessary tools needed to renovate your home to give them a new look. Let’s go with us.

We can segregate the tools list with some subcategory as bellows-

1. Safety Equipment

Before starting your remodeling job, first, ensure all safety measures. For this, you must need the following equipment ready to your hand.

Eye Goggles: Who not knows the importance of eyes? So you must have to wear eyeglasses while doing any renovation works.

Dust Respirator: After the eye, it is also vital to protect our lungs. Every renovation works involved some demolition too. And during demolition, your lung may be affected by dust. So, a dust respirator helps you to be safe.

Nitrile Grip Gloves: Give you a second skin and helps to protect your hand while you will get a good grip over elements. 

Work Gloves: The working gloves give you extra padding and protect your fingers during handling of tough jobs.

2. Demolition Tools

Nail Pulling Pliers: A nail pulling plier makes your job of demolition easy. With this little tool, you can remove all nails effortlessly.

Trim Puller: A trim puller helps you to remove trim or molding from your wall efficiently.

Hammer With Straight Claw: Hammer is an essential tool for every home works and when it comes, the demolition straight claw hammer comes in handy because of its lightweight and the perfect amount of heft and balance.

3. Basic Remodeling Tools

Ladders: In remodeling works, you continuously need to go up and down. Therefore, a ladder is a must-have tool for any remodeling or renovation works.   

Shop Vacuum With Accessories: After demolition, you may require to clean your floor or may clean dirty water too. Whatever it is, a shop vac gives you great support to be clean.

Speed Square: This is a cheap tool and also known as Quick Square. It helps you to take the measure of critical corners without doing high school trigonometry. 

Lights: Sometimes, you may need to work in dark space — a light than comes in handy.

Extension Cords: During remodeling, you may need to work with different power tools that need to reach remote places where there is no option to connect. An extension cord comes in handy in such a situation.

Putty Knife: A putty knife is a specialist tool used to glaze single glass windows to work silicone sealant at the edges of each glass pane. It will also help you to remove paint from the wall and some other aspects. 

Level: when you need to set up something like the kitchen range hood, it must need to be leveled and a leveler comes in handy there. 

Painting Supplies: After completion of renovation or remodeling works, you find your house ugly until you paint it properly. Painting accessories like look-in job caddy, paint cup, look-in utility bucket along with a dust collector will do your jobs easy. 

Tapes: While doing your remodeling task, you need various types of tapes like electrical, plumbing, ducting or masking tape. Therefore, it is helpful to keep in your collection.

Writing Or Marking Implements: It is essential to make a cut accurate or set one piece with another. You can, therefore, keep a carpenter’s pencil, a silver Sharpie (for dark-colored lumber), a black sharpener for tape and plastics, a sharp awl for center markings on lumber, and a carbide tip for marking steel in your toolbox.

4. Power Remodeling Tools

Cordless Drill And Bits: A drill driver is an essential remodeling tool. When you need to do a drill in a wall or wooden furniture or tighten any screw, a drill driver makes your job easier. However, a cordless drill will give you extra wing as you no need to tangle patchy cords anymore.  

Oscillating Multi-Tools: It is the most versatile tool in construction or remodeling world. With a good quality oscillating multi-tool, you can do whatever you want. Saw metal, Sanding, wood, and drywall; make large holes; undercut a doorway or plunge cut into hardwood; just name it, you can do with it.

Jigsaw: With a regular saw, you can cut wood pieces in a straight line, but jigsaw facilitates you to get complicated patterns and shapes as it cuts in curvy lines. You may visit the page on how to use a jigsaw to more on it.

Reciprocating Saw: This is a popular power tool that is used by many construction workers, window fitters, and even emergency rescue services. In reciprocating saw, you will find a variety of accessories like a clamp and long blades, which are suitable for cutting large pipes.   

Nailer: You can do your hammering job by a simple traditional hammer, but that will make a delay in completing your task. Therefore, using a nailer will give you extra power to achieve your nailing work accurately and effectively. You will find different types of nailers – framing nailer, roofing nailer, palm nailer, brad or finish nailer on the market and each has some definite work.

5. Remodeling Tool Accessories

Drywall Electrical box locator tool: One challenge in drywall hanging is to have all the outlet holes cut in the exact right position. This handy landscaping tool makes it easy to locate your junction boxes accurately every time without fail.

Caulk Gun: You may seem this tool is no work. But to seal something to become airtight a professional caulk gun comes in handy. During remodeling, you may need to watertight a sink, bathtubs, windows, or doors occasionally.

So there you have it, the list of remodeling devices is my must-have. Have I left anything off? Tell me your favorite tool to get a remodeling job done.

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